Book Marketing Guide from WriteZero (Beginner)

This is the Book Promotion Guide from WriteZero (Beginner). It consists of 21 Pillars (each Pillar covers one key aspect of Book Marketing and Promotion). There are also 10 Additional Pillars that cover certain vital aspects that don’t fall within the main Guide

These Pillars are meant to be read in order. After reading them all once, in order, you can refer back to them in any order. The first time you read this guide, please read the Pillars in order, to get the full benefit of this WriteZero Beginner Book Promotion Guide

  1.  Pillar 1 – Why do You Write?
    1. Why do You Write?
    2. What do You want to get from Your Writing?
    3. The 23 Paths for Authors
    4. Determining the Aim of Your Book Promotion, based on Your Author Path
  2.  Pillar 2 – What to Write?
    1. Finding the Right Market
    2. Creating the Right Product for the Right Market
    3. Importance of Product Market Fit
  3. Pillar 3 – What to Write? Keyword Research
    1. Importance of the Right Keyword Research
    2. Best Tools to do Keyword Research
    3. Step by Step Guide to Keyword Research
    4. The Importance of Listening to Your Intuition
  4. Pillar 4 – Getting Your Book Ready to be Promoted
    1. Is Your Book Ready to Be Promoted?
    2. Is Your Book Marketable?
    3. Is Your Book Sellable?
  5.  Pillar 5 – Polishing Your Book to Maximize Book Promotion Results
    1. The More You Polish Your Book, the More Effective All Your Book Promotion Will Be
    2. High Quality Editing Guide
    3. High Quality Book Cover Guide
    4. Quality Proof Reading Guide
    5. Confirming Product Market Fit BEFORE Going All Out
  6. Pillar 6 – Publishing at the Right Places
    1. Wide Approach
    2. Kindle Exclusive Approach
    3. Paperback Approach
    4. Publish it where it will do well
    5. Focus on Where Your Readers Are
  7.  Pillar 7 – Book Promotion Guide to Book Promotion Sites
    1.  S Tier – Bookbub
    2. A+ Tier – Books Butterfly, eReader News Today, Robin Reads
    3. A Tier – FreeBooksy, BargainBooksy, BookSends, BookBarbarian
    4. B Tier (Honorable Mentions)
    5. Why C tier promotion sites are usually not worth it
    6. Different Book Promotion Sites will work for different books
    7. Genre Focus is the most important criteria when picking book promotion sites
  8.  Pillar 8 – Book Promotion Guide for Facebook Ads
    1. Basic Guide to Facebook Ads
    2. Pros and Cons of the Bidding Model
    3. Important things to keep in mind about Facebook Ads
    4. Step by Step Guide to Facebook Ads Marketing
    5. It’s a Numbers Game – Facebook has 2 billion members and what that means for Authors
  9.  Pillar 9 – Book Promotion Guide for Amazon Marketing Services
    1. Basic Guide to Amazon MArketing Services
    2. Reiterating the Dangers of a Bidding System
    3. The Importance of Patience
    4. Important Things to keep in mind about AMS
    5. Step by Step Guide to Amazon Marketing Service Ads
  10.  Pillar 10 – Book Promotion Guide to Real World Book Marketing
    1. Leveraging real world book marketing efforts
  11.  Pillar 11 – Book Promotion Guide – Turning Sales & Downloads into Reviews
    1. How to get readers to give you reviews
    2. The Quality of Your Book determines Number of Reviews & the Review Rating
    3. How to get people to give you very good reviews
  12. Pillar 12 – Book Launch Marketing Guide
    1. Book Launch Core Principles
    2. Best promotion methods for book launches
    3. How to layer all your promotion methods together
  13. Pillar 13 – Becoming a Bestseller Marketing Guide
    1. The lifelong benefits of becoming a Bestseller
    2. Best Paths to Becoming a Bookstore Bestseller
    3. Best Paths to Becoming a Bestseller on the Big Lists
  14. Pillar 14 – Build Your Internal Marketing Channels
    1. Guide to Email List Building
    2. Top Email List Service Providers
    3. How to use Email Lists in your Book Promotion Methods
    4. Guide to Building Your Author Website
    5. How to Gather Readers from your Website
    6. How to Gather Readers from Your Social Media accounts
    7. Building a Bond with Readers
    8. Building Direct Channels to Your Clients (Your Readers)
  15. Pillar 15 – Sell Your Book (Where & How to Sell)
    1. Where You Should Sell and Promote Your Books
    2. How You Should Sell and Promote Your Books
  16. Pillar 16 – Build a Career as an Author
    1. Difference between Revenue and Profits
    2. What is your Take Home Target
    3. Are you investing the money you are earning?
    4. Optimizing on Expenses
    5. Incorporation as a Company
    6. Taxes & Chartered Accountants
  17. Pillar 17 – Book Marketing Skills
    1. The 3 Core Skills for Authors – Marketing Very Well
    2. Your Marketing Toolbox
    3. The Most Important Marketing Skill
    4. Top 10 Marketing Strategies
    5. How to Become a Good Marketer
  18. Pillar 18 – Building Trust to Sell More – Reviews, Bestseller Status, Recommendations from Authors
    1. Trust via Bestseller Status
    2. Trust via Reviews
    3. Trust via Author Recommendations
    4. Trust via Being Human
    5. Trust on the Book Page
    6. Trust via Website
    7. Trust via Social Media
  19.  Pillar 19 – Marketing Masterminds
    1. How to Form a Marketing Mastermind
    2. Importance of forming a Master Mind only with like minded, positive people
  20.   Pillar 20 – Importance of Genre Focus i.e. Focus on the Market You Sell In
    1. Nothing else matters, other than Genre Focus
  21. Pillar 21 – Importance of Promotion Focus i.e. Focus on Marketing and Selling
    1. Every one is a marketer
    2. Every one is a salesman
  22. Pillar 22 – Importance of Reviews i.e. Getting Social Proof and Pre Selection
    1. Readers only trust other readers
    2. Readers really, really trust other readers

Book Marketing Guide from Review Zero (Beginner) – 10 Additional Pillars

  1. Pillar A – Book Promotion Deals for Authors
  2. Pillar B – Importance of a Support System
  3. Pillar C – Street Team
  4. Pillar D – Core Email List
  5. Pillar E – Remove External Dependencies
  6. Pillar F – The Right Mindset when Marketing and Promoting Your Book
  7. Pillar G – What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  8. Pillar H – Listen to What the Market is Telling You
  9. Pillar I – The very interesting relationship between Product Quality and Marketing Effectiveness
  10. Pillar J – Setting Your Marketing and Promotion Goals

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