The current sitemap of articles at WriteZero is

  1. What To Write
    1. Market Forecast
      1. Are there any good blogs of websites which do Market Forecasts for the Books & Publishing Market?
    2. Market Research
      1. How to Research for Good Market Niches – The Unscientific Approach
    3. Product Market Fit
      1. Are Adult Coloring Books a good business to get into?
    4. Everything Else
      1. Why are Adult Coloring Books so popular?
  2. Write Your Book
    1. Phones for Authors
      1. What is the best Phone for an Author to Get?
    2. Story Development Tools for Authors
      1. Do Authors need Story Development Tools?
  3. Apps for Authors
  4. Polish Your Book
    1. Book Covers
      1. What are the Elements of a Beautiful Cover which will Sell Books
      2. Why do Authors Massively Underestimate the Importance of Their Book Cover
      3. What Is the Most Important Function of a Book Cover
    2. Copywriting
      1. Should Authors hire a Copywriter?
      2. What is Copywriting? Should Authors Care
      3. Why Copywriting is Very Important for Authors
    3. Editors & Editing
      1. Does Your Book need an Editor?
    4. Proofreaders & Proofreading
      1. The Importance of Proof Reading 
      2. Why do Readers get so upset at Spelling Mistakes and Typographical Errors?
  5. Publish Your Book
    1. Everything Else
      1. Does an Author need a Publisher?
      2. Is a Publisher an Author’s Best Friend, or their Worst Enemy?
  6. Promote Externally
  7. Build Channels
  8. Sell Your Book
    1. Book Descriptions
      1. Good Book Descriptions & Bad Book Descriptions
  9. Build a Career
    1. Financial Intelligence
      1. Author Budgeting & Finances Guide – What to Prioritize if You Have a Limited Budget for Creating Your Book
      2. Should an Author start a Company and become an Entrepreneur/a Business?
    2.  Success
      1. Levels of Mastery (3 Core Skills for Authors)
      2. The 3 Core Skills – The 3 Skills that Make Authors Successful
  10. Improve Your Skills
    1. Author Advice
      1. The One Thing that has The Most Impact on an Author’s Chances of Success
      2. Top 10 Reasons Authors Fail to Sell Their Books
    2. See Reality As It Is
      1. Why Underestimating How Good Your Are as a Writer is usually Much Better than Overestimating How Good You Are as a Writer
      2. How to Be Honest With Yourself (for Authors & Writers)
    3. Self Improvement
      1. Why Increasing Your Typing Speed is One of the Very Best Things you can do as An Author
    4. Time Management
      1. How to Make Time for your Author Responsibilities while still having a Day Job
      2. 10 Time Saving Tips for Authors
    5. Typing Skills
      1. How to Improve Your Typing Speed
    6. Writing Skills
      1. The 6 Stages of Competence – How to Assess Where You are In Your Journey to Be a Great Writer
    7. Everything Else
      1. How long for an Author to learn to start making good book covers?
  11. Build Trust
    1. Get Reviews
      1. What does it mean if your book is not getting Reviews?
      2. Why are Reviews Important?
  12. Support System
    1. Positive Author Blogs
      1. How much time should you spend on Author Forums and Author Groups
    2. Everything Else
      1. How Authors can Build a Support System
  13. Everything that Doesn’t Fit
    1. 3 Things Authors & Publishers ignore, which they should not
    2. Wrong Reasons to Want to Be An Author
  14. Marketing & Sales (similar to/part of Promote Externally category)
    1. Book Marketing
      1. Things that Scare Readers Away AKA What Authors Should NEVER Do
    2. Tips & Secrets
      1. 17 Reasons you should not spend $26,000 on a Marketing Package for Your First Book
      2. How do Readers find Books?
    3. Everything Else
      1. 11 Most Important Marketing Principles for Authors
      2. What is the Best Day of the Week to Launch a Book?
  15. Product Market Fit
    1. Would you pick The Perfect Market or Incredible Writing Talent?
  16. Advice for New Authors
    1. New Authors
      1. 3 Top Things Every New Author Should Do
      2. What would Authors do differently if they could Start Over from Scratch?
  17. How to Be Successful
    1. The Secrets of Success
      1. How can we Bridge the Massive Gap from Failure to Success?
      2. The Difference between Success and Failure is often Huge 
      3. There is No One Right Path to Success
  18. Success Mindset
    1. Giving Value
      1. To Be An Author, you must move away from The Consumer Mindset and Embrace The Creator Mindset
  19. Kaizen & Relentless Improvement
    1. Pareto Principle and The 80.20 Rule for Authors
    2. The Fastest Way to Become a Better Author
    3. What does it really mean if your Book fails to sell?
  20. Build Direct Channels
    1. Everything Else
      1. What does ‘Build Direct Channels to your Customers’ mean?
  21. Structure & Direction

Why This Structure?

The articles in this blog are arranged and structured in the same manner as our Search Engine

There are 12 top level categories. Each top level category has 10 to 30 sub categories. The Top Level Categories are –

  1. What To Write
  2. Write Your Book
  3. Apps for Authors
  4. Polish Your Book
  5. Publish Your Book
  6. Promote Externally
  7. Build Channels
  8. Sell Your Book
  9. Build a Career
  10. Improve Your Skills
  11. Build Trust
  12. Support System

To this we have added additional Top Level Categories that are unique to Write0

  1. Everything that Doesn’t Fit
  2. Marketing & Sales (this is Parallel to Promote Externally and could be considered part of it)
  3. Product Market Fit
  4. Advice for New Authors
  5. How to Be Successful
  6. Success Mindset
  7. Kaizen & Relentless Improvement
  8. Build Direct Channels
  9. Structure & Direction