The 6 Stages of Competence – How to Assess Where You Are In Your Journey to be a Great Writer

Please Note: This only applies if you want to be a Great Writer. If your primary aim is something else, such as Becoming Famous, or Becoming Rich, then this post does not apply. Please read this post only if you want to become a very very very good or even great writer In this post […]

What is the Most Important Function of a Book Cover

If you were to ask authors – What is the Most Important Function of a Book Cover? – you would get a wide variety of answers Most of those would be wrong The Book Cover has 1 Main Function before the reader has visited the Book Page, and it has 1 Main Function after the […]

Top 10 Reasons Authors Fail to Sell their Books

It’s not easy selling your books, especially if you’re a new author. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Authors Fail to Sell Their Books Writing for the wrong market, or for No Market Not polishing their Product and not packaging it properly Not focusing on Product Quality Ignoring Marketing Or Doing Ineffective Marketing Believing they […]

Starting off on the Review0 & Write0 Journey

This is another step in our wonderful journey. We feel blessed by God to be living the dream We began curating books in January 2008. By Dec 2009 we were the largest Kindle related website with 300,000 monthly unique visitors Our Focus shifted a bit to selling paid apps in Mar 2010. However, we continued […]