The Importance of Proof Reading

Proof reading and proof readers occupy a very interesting place Proof Readers don’t do something that is very VISIBLE and in your face. They don’t design covers which you see right on your book page every time you open the page Proof Readers are not like Sales and Marketing which gets you book sales – […]

Does Your Book need an Editor?

One of the most interesting questions that some new authors ask is – Does My Book Need an Editor? That is equivalent to the Scriptwriter for a movie asking – Does the Movie Need a Director? If that seems an exaggeration to you, then chances are you do not have enough experience as an author […]

What is the Most Important Function of a Book Cover

If you were to ask authors – What is the Most Important Function of a Book Cover? – you would get a wide variety of answers Most of those would be wrong The Book Cover has 1 Main Function before the reader has visited the Book Page, and it has 1 Main Function after the […]