Starting off on the Review0 & Write0 Journey

This is another step in our wonderful journey. We feel blessed by God to be living the dream

  1. We began curating books in January 2008. By Dec 2009 we were the largest Kindle related website with 300,000 monthly unique visitors
  2. Our Focus shifted a bit to selling paid apps in Mar 2010. However, we continued to blog about books and share book deals and free books
  3. In parallel with selling over 1 million paid apps in 2011 and 2012 and early 2013, we grew to around 40,000 readers total and continued to share and curate books for readers
  4. At that time we saw a massive opportunity as certain players in the ecosystem were trying to kill off everyone else and create an artificial wall between readers and authors
    1. In the past, to reach readers an author would need the approval of Gatekeepers
    2. With ebooks, no such approval is required. Therefore, there need to be artificial walls created, to trick authors into thinking they are still at the mercy of Gatekeepers
  5. Imagine our bewilderment when certain players in the ecosystem were thinking they could fool each and every author in the world into thinking that they are still at the mercy of the Gatekeepers
  6. We jumped into books very seriously, and in July 2013 to Nov 2019 we grew from 40,000 readers to 4 million readers – a growth of 100 times
  7. In July 2014 we also started selling book promotion packages to authors. In July 2014 to Nov 2019 we have sold $1.7 million of book promotion packages to authors
  8. Throughout this journey we have kept an eye on which authors were successful and what they were doing right
    1. With every new generation of successful authors there are different strategies that work. We have noted and saved all these strategies
    2. There are also some universal rules – things that increase your chances of success, no matter the circumstances. We also learnt these and noted these and kept a record of these
    3. Finally, there are some authors who do absolutely insane things which somehow work. Rather than strategy this is a mixture of chaos and madness and sixth sense. These were the toughest to understand and put into words
  9. Connecting Readers with Authors was not the only thing we were working on and doing
    1. In 2009 we had written about not only the opportunity to connect readers with authors (which we do through our Books Butterfly sister company)
    2. But also about the opportunity to connect authors with service providers
    3. We have been working on this (connecting authors with service providers) since 2011, and now have Beta launched
  10. is the sister Blog to
    1. helps authors and service providers be successful by working with the best and best intentioned service providers and authors in win-win situations
    2. Write0 helps authors be successful by sharing all the best parts of Review0 and also adding insights and advice and intelligence from 11 years of valuable experience of seeing what works, and noting it all down and understanding why it works

Hopefully, our beautiful journey will continue for a long time and we can continue to create value and help people get what they desire

We firmly believe in what Zig Ziglar wrote – You can get whatever you desire in life, if you can get enough other people what they desire

All the Best – God Speed! Fare Well and Achieve your Dreams!

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