To Be An Author you must move away from The Consumer Mindset and Embrace The Creator Mindset

Focus on Giving Value, instead of Getting Value

A Creator GIVES VALUE, finds internal validation, finds internal drive and motivation. You create something and ADD VALUE to the world

A Consumer seeks value, seeks external validation, seeks external meaning. A consumer looks to just take and consume, without giving anything back in return

Focus on CREATION and not Consumption

A Creator focuses on How Much they create, What they create, and How Beautiful it is

A Consumer focuses on how much they consume, how long it amused them for, and how new and shiny it was

Reject Societal Programming, Do not give in to it

A Creator rejects society’s imperative to be sheep, to constantly seek instant gratification, to be always bored and look to others to amuse you. A Creator says – I don’t need those shoes to look cool. I don’t need that car to be sexy. I don’t need that Plasma TV to be happy

A Consumer embraces society’s diktat to chase instant wish fulfillment, to chase instant emotions, to chase emotional highs and lows and always be in emotional disarray, looking for the next dopamine hit. A consumer buys into the lie that something External will bring happiness

The Creator Mindset

There are a few key elements you must integrate into your mindset

  1. You embrace that it can take a long time to master your Art. The popular notion is that it takes 10,000 hours of Deliberate Practice to master an Art
  2. You embrace that you are completely focused on making Masterpieces. You reject mediocrity in your work
  3. You must work in an area you are passionate about. Then it is much easier to work hard. In fact, working on something you love can be energizing
  4. You must focus on creating something beautiful. Make something that is so good that only you could have made it
  5. Consider yourself An Artist – Be proud of your Art and Make Your Art Proud of You
  6. You prioritize things that last over temporary things. For Example: You know that doing 1 rewrite might be enough to make you a decent amount of money. However, you do 3 rewrites of your book to make the reading experience superlative and to make the book something that can outlast you
  7. You make sure you work in an area you have a natural knack or aptitude for
  8. You accept that as a Creator it is OK to expect to be paid for your work. To get value back for the value you provide
  9. You reject the loser attitude that Creators should work for free, or that all the money should go to some middleman

Your focus should be on CREATION. You should pick an area that you are so passionate about that you would rather be CREATING than consuming, even though consuming is so easy and is the path of least resistance. Your passion must overrule your laziness

You should pick an area where you have a natural affinity or aptitude so that you can be one of the best

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