Why Increasing Your Typing Speed is One of the Very Best Things You can do as An Author

Our brains work a LOT faster than we can speak, write, type, or even read

If you’re an author or writer, then the speed at which you write books is primarily dictated by how fast you can type

  1. Firstly, the faster you can type, the more books you can write
  2. Secondly, being able to type fast is important so that you can type fast enough to not interrupt your flow of thinking
  3. Thirdly, being able to type fast is critically important in moments of ‘flow’ and ‘trance state’. Flow states are when you can produce work at incredible pace and at great quality. Your best work is produced in these moments. Typing fast allows you to make the most of these special moments

Please Note: We refer to them as ‘flow moments’ and ‘trance states’. However, they can last for days. Think of them as times when everything comes together and you reach a higher state of writing

It is quite possible to Double Your Typing Speed

Most authors fall into one of these two categories

  1. Typing 40 words per minute, with not very good accuracy
  2. Using hunt and peck or some really slow method of typing and basically going at 30 words per minute or less

It is very straightforward to double your typing speed. Getting to between 60 to 80 words per minute just requires 2 to 6 weeks of practice. Half an hour a day of deliberate practice. Putting in 21 total hours of practice over 6 weeks will double your typing speed and it will

  1. Double the amount of writing you can do
  2. Halve the amount of time you spend on non productive things such as writing emails

You just have to motivate yourself. And the perfect motivation is …

If you Double Your Typing Speed you will Produce 1.5 to 2 times more Books

Which will increase your chances of success significantly

Typing faster means

  1. You write faster
  2. You are more productive
  3. You spend less time on other tasks that require typing (such as writing emails)

Every book you write (provided you keep improving your writing) increases your chances of success

Every book you write is a marketing channel to all your other books

Faster Typing Speed also leads to Better Written Books

When we are working, whenever we can attain flow and avoid distractions we perform much better

When you are typing faster you are more engaged. Your brain has less opportunity to get distracted. You capture your flow of thoughts better

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that your writing quality will improve as soon as you improve your typing speed

Your writing quality can improve by 50% or more if you can increase your typing speed to 1.5 to 2 times your current typing speed

It’s one of your biggest opportunities – you will write more and you will write better and all it takes is spending 2 to 6 weeks practicing your typing skills


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