Are there any good blogs or websites which do Market Forecasts for the Books & Publishing Market?

Unfortunately, in the 11 years we’ve been in this business (Publishing and Books), we have not seen anyone who does top notch Market Analysis and Market Forecasts

There are a smattering of good blogs that will do Predictions and some rudimentary analysis

There are some blogs that will share interesting thoughts

However, no one does a thorough and comprehensive job of covering market trends

What would a good Market Forecast blog look like?

Here are the key criteria

  1. Impartial with respect to Personal Preferences. Focused on identifying where the market is headed based on facts and not on personal desires or biases
  2. Future focused. Most blogs are very steeped in the past. They do not look at trends and how things are changing. Instead they write to reassure people that nothing too drastic is going to happen
  3. Good at Predictions. Not only should a Market Forecast blog be able to identify patterns and what is happening, it should be able to create realistic and likely projections for the future and make Market Forecasts based on that
  4. Impartial with respect to Market Players. We need someone who is neither biased towards authors, nor readers, nor publishers, nor bookstores. Someone who can look at the entire Books & Publishing ecosystem and figure out where the market is headed, without trying to make one group happy
  5. Consistent and Regular. A Market Forecast blog that does an annual Prediction is pretty much useless. We need a Market Forecast blog that does at least weekly predictions (of different areas each week) and at least monthly analysis of trends. If they are sending out posts and analysis every 1 to 2 weeks then they will become a valuable resource for nearly all Publishers and authors

We are looking forward to finding such blogs and websites and sharing them with you

If you know of any such sources, please leave a comment

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