15 Reasons self published romance authors are doing well

For Non Romance Authors: Authors in other genres could benefit greatly by learning from what romance authors are doing right. Do not hide behind ‘oh romance is an easy genre to write in’. If you want to succeed, then learn from Romance authors, and from what they are doing

Here are 15 reasons that self published romance authors are doing very well

  1. Writing what Readers want to read
    1. Perhaps the biggest thing going for romance authors is that they give readers what they want
    2. HEA (Happily Ever After) is a genre convention that romance authors consistently deliver
      1. In comparison we see a lot of authors in other genres forget what the reader is looking for and try to push their own agenda
    3. ┬áRomance authors look at what is selling and write that. Authors in other genres look at ‘what they personally want to write’ and write that
      1. It should come as no surprise that readers prefer to buy what they want to read, rather than what the author wanted to write
  2. High Quality Bar. Romance and Steamy Romance authors have a very high quality bar
    1. We often see authors in categories such as Historical Fiction, Adventure, and Thriller spoiling very good books by using terrible covers and skipping on editing
    2. Happens less often in Romance
  3. Cooperation. Romance authors share what works with each other. They band together for projects like Box Sets
    1. Many genres, especially those dominated by male writers, tend to stay solitary and hardly ever talk or cooperate
    2. A few genres, especially Non Fiction, are always trying to undercut each other
      1. We see sad things like non fiction authors make their book free on exact days that another non fiction author is doing a $0.99 push
      2. Thereby killing the other author’s promotion
  4. ┬áSmart Use of Free Book Giveaways. Romance authors use ‘free books as marketing’. Introduces them to new readers. Leads to follow on sales of their remaining books
    1. Some genres have authors who refuse to make their book free. They would rather spend $1,000 to reach 1,000 readers (of which a hundred might buy the book), than make a book free (which costs them nothing) and reach 10,000 or more readers, and get 3,000+ downloads
    2. In the end, it’s a numbers game. The author reaching 10,000 readers (via free book promotions) will almost always do better than the author reaching 1,000 readers
  5. Writing Lots of Books
    1. Romance authors have more books than authors in other genres
    2. Romance authors have more books in series, which leads to a LOT more follow on sales
  6. Releasing New Books consistently
    1. Authors in many genres behave as if they have a Publisher who has instructed them not to write more than one book a year
    2. Romance authors release books every 1 to 3 months
    3. An author releasing 4 to 12 books a year is ALWAYS going to do better than an author releasing 1 or 2 books a year
  7. Lack of Ego
    1. In some genres authors believe they are Stephen King right from the time they first held a pen
    2. Romance has a very low percentage of ego driven authors
  8. Smart use of Discounted Books
    1. Romance authors will use $0.99 and $2.99 a lot more than authors in other genres
    2. Romance authors will use it in smart ways – make the first in series $0.99 and the remaining at $2.99 or $4.99. Creating a gradual ramp
  9. Excellent Use of Box Sets
    1. Romance authors do more box sets than any other genre
    2. Box Sets have 10 times the appeal of discounted books, and 100 times the appeal of full price books
    3. Box Sets are so powerful that the book stores do massive ‘adjustments’ to make sure Box Sets stay out of the bestseller ranks (to the largest extent possible)
  10. Catering to Sub Genres
    1. Romance has a lot of well defined sub genres, and they have a good number of authors writing for them
      1. These include: Clean Romance, Steamy Romance, Christian Romance, Young Adult Romance, New Adult Romance, BDSM Romance, Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Ancient World Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Literary Romance, Shifter Romance, Historical Christian Romance, etc
      2. There are even sub sub genres that are well defined i.e. Bear Shifter Romance, Dragon Shifter Romance, Werewolf Romance, etc
    2. Meanwhile, in genres other than Romance the authors completely ignore sub genres
      1. There are genres with tremendous appeal which have very few books being written for them. Example: Conspiracy Thrillers, Prepper Thrillers, Post Apocalyptic Thrillers, Christian Mystery & Suspense
  11. Innovating and trying to create new genres, and sometimes succeeding
    1. Romance has had 50 Shades of Grey
    2. Romance has had Dark Romance
    3. Romance has had Mail Order Bride Romance
    4. Other Genres are scared to create new genres, or perhaps they don’t realize the vast amount of money that lies in creating new genres
  12. Building Direct Channels
    1. Romance authors gather reader emails more than authors in other genres
    2. They build websites and blogs and social media accounts more often
    3. Most of all, they keep working on creating direct channels to their readers
  13. Smart Marketing
    1. Romance authors use very smart marketing. In particular they use pricing changes very well, they plan out their promotions better, and they do more research
    2. Authors in other genres are hampered further by the fact that they compete instead of cooperating. Each author has to reinvent the wheel and figure out what marketing works and what doesn’t
    3. Romance authors learn from each other
  14. Taking Risks
    1. We see a lot of romance authors try out books and ideas that are likely to fail
    2. We see hardly anyone in other genres take risks. Lots of them take shortcuts, but hardly any take risks
  15. Sticking to Genre Conventions and not kowtowing to Political Correctness
    1. Romance doesn’t have much political correctness. The Alpha Male Hero gets the heroine. The Billionaire gets to seduce the virgin
    2. In many genres, authors are trying to be champions of political correctness. Readers already have to deal with mountains of political correctness in their daily lives. They want their reading to be pure and undiluted pleasure – the last thing they want is their reading time to also get inundated with political correctness
      1. Do not write a Gillette ad castrating men, instead of a book. It does not work in men heavy categories like Mystery and Thriller
      2. It doesn’t work in women heavy categories either

We’re just scratching the surface. Please do your own due diligence and do some research – You will find that romance self published authors are delivering very high quality books, at reasonable prices, and delivering exactly what readers are asking for

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