Clothing Deals for Kids – JCPenney Clearance Sunshine Sale

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JCPenney has discount code: SUNSHINE which gives some pretty crazy deals on Children’s Clothes

  1. Discount Code: SUNSHINE. Discounts only show up after applying discount code
    1. Extra 30% off on $100 or more
    2. Extra 25% off on under $100
  2. ¬†Xersion Boys’ Quarter Zip Pullover for $4.04
  3. Arizona Girls Long Sleeve Graphic T Shirt for $2.54
  4. Arizona Girls Hoodie for $3.59
  5. Xersion Girls Puffer Jacket for $7.49
  6. Kids Beanies for $3.74 each


Thanks to Slickdeals for sharing this Deal

This deal was valid as of Mar 22nd, 2020. We also have a list for Black Friday Deals for Authors

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