Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites

This is part of the WriteZero Top 10 Book Promotion Sites Guide for Authors & Publishers

This Top 10 List covers the best book promotion sites for promoting Christian Books

The Top 10 – Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites

  1. BookBub
    1. The largest book promotion site with 14 million readers
    2. The largest and most effective Christian book promotion site with millions of Christian readers on its dedicated Christian Book email lists
    3. Dedicated Christian Fiction List
    4. Dedicated Christian Non Fiction List
    5. A Must Get and Very Highly Recommended
    6. Very Selective and takes only 10% to 20% of books submitted
  2. Books Butterfly
    1. The 2nd largest book promotion site with 4 million readers
    2. The 2nd largest Christian book promotion site with over 1.4 million Christian readers on its Apps, Email Lists, and Blogs and Websites
    3. Dedicated Christian List, Christian App, and Christian Blog
    4. Dedicated blogs for Christian Romance, Christian Mystery, and Clean Books
    5. A Good Choice and Highly Recommended
    6. Takes between 10% to 70% of books submitted. However, will not take any book that is not professionally edited and which does not have a professionally designed book cover
    7. Disclosure: Books Butterfly is our Sister Company which has successfully run $1.9 million of book promotion packages
  3. eReader News Today
    1. A very large and trusted site that has been helping authors since 2020
    2. Very reasonably priced
    3. Dedicated Christian List
    4. Please read the rules at the site as they have some specific rules on how best to apply to them
    5. A Good choice and Highly Recommended
  4. Robin Reads
    1. A fast growing and very good site that is very selective and takes only 10% of books submitted
    2. Dedicated Christian List
    3. A Good Choice and Highly Recommended
    4. Do keep in mind that you might have to apply multiple times
      1. Please don’t get discouraged if they (or any other top Christian book promotion site) don’t take you
      2. Usually it just means you need one or more of – a professionally designed book cover, professional editing, more reviews
  5. Book Sends
    1. A large and trusted site helping authors for 5+ years. Run by an author and very trustable
    2. Over 120,000 email subscribers, of which a decent number are Christian readers. The exact figures are on their website
    3. A Good Choice and Recommended
  6. Bargain Booksy
    1. A good book promotion site that also has a Christian list
    2. This is the sister site to Free Booksy, which does promotion of free books and is Top 10 for promoting free Christian Books
  7. Fussy Librarian
    1. A good book promotion site that is very reasonably priced
    2. They have a dedicated Christian Books List
    3. As the prices are very cheap, this is a good place if you want to dip your toes into book marketing and see if your book is ready for marketing and promotion
  8. To Be Added – We’re determining which of the remaining Christian Book Promotion Sites make the Top 10 and will add spots #8 to #10 in the near future
  9. To Be Added
  10. To Be Added

Honorable Mentions – Christian Book Promotion Sites that just missed the Top 10

  1. FKBT – Free Kindle Books & Tips
  2. OHFB – One Hundred Free Books
  3. eReader Cafe
  4. Genre Pulse
  5. Book Gorilla
  6. Kindle Nation Daily

Please note that, unfortunately, there are not that many book promotion sites that specialize in Christian Book Promotion. As book promotion site companies are realizing that Christian Books are a growing/emerging market and might rival Romance and Mystery and Non Fiction Books in market size in the coming years, they are investing more into building their Christian reader lists

So, hopefully, in the coming years (2021, 2022, 2023) we can add a significant number of new and effective Christian Book Promotion Sites to our list

Detailed Insights on the Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites

To Be Updated

We will, later on, add detailed insights for the Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites

Increasing Your Chances of Getting Accepted at the Top Christian Book Promotion Sites

There are 10 things you can do to greatly increase your chances of your book getting accepted by the top Christian Book Promotion Sites

These should be a pleasure and a priority as these also help increase your book sales For The Rest of the Life of Your Book

  1.  Please get a professionally designed book cover
    1. Your budget for making a book cover should be as high as you can reasonably afford
      1. If you try to save money here, you will handicap your book sales massively
    2. In no case should you design your book cover yourself
      1. Please ignore people who claim you should save money and make the cover yourself
      2. You can check the book stores and there is no book category in which the bestselling authors are designing the book covers themselves
        1. Not even 1 out of the Top 100 bestselling authors in ANY of the main book categories are designing book covers themselves
          1. Exception are people who are graphic designers or book cover designers themselves
        2. If all the bestselling authors are not breaking this rule, then you should also not break the rule
        3. Please don’t design your book cover yourself
    3. You should not be trying to get a $5 or $10 cover from some freelancing site
      1. Just the time you waste finding a good book designer is worth a lot more
      2. Your chances of actually finding a world class designer on such sites is slim
    4. There are world class book cover designers at every price
      1. Make sure you hire one of them
      2. You can get premade covers from professional book cover designers as low as
        1. $30 at
        2. $100 to $200 at and
        3. These 3 are among the very best cover designers who understand what sells in the Kindle Store
      3. If you have a higher budget get one of these same cover designers to make a custom cover for you
    5. Please do not try to recreate a scene from your book
    6. Please don’t do artistic covers or black and white covers
      1. You will not be putting up your book cover in an Art Gallery or at the Museum of Modern Art
      2. Every day readers will be looking at your cover and it has to be traditionally beautiful, not abstract art or black and white photography
    7. The aim of the cover is simply – To Get readers to click on the book
      1. Beauty and Brightness and being able to Catch the Eye is critically important
      2. After catching the eye, the cover must get the reader to click
      3. Beauty and matching the book’s genre conventions is what gets readers to click
  2.  Please get your book professionally edited and professionally proof read
    1. Professional Editing encompasses
      1. Developmental Editing
        1. This is where the editor tells you how to make your book better
        2. This is invaluable
        3. A good, experienced editor can take your book from Good to Great
      2. Line Editing
        1. This is where there is line by line editing and a focus on finding and weeding out typographical mistakes, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and similar blemishes
        2. This is also critical
    2. A Professional Editor is like a Movie Director
      1. You might have a good script for a movie (your book)
      2. Without a good Movie Director that script (your book) will never turn into a beautiful movie (a beautiful finished book)
      3. An Editor is just as important for your book, as a Movie Director is to turn a script into a movie
    3. Editing cannot be done by your brother, your friend, your cat, your fellow author
      1. You need to get a professional editor
      2. You must also ensure that the professional editor specializes in your particular book genre
    4. Proof reading is reading through the book and finding all mistakes and typos and fixing them
      1. You need a professional editor because it takes a lot of practice and a special skillset to go through an entire book and find all the little mistakes which authors have missed
    5. You cannot have a book proof read by a friend.
      1. You definitely cannot do it yourself
      2. You need to hire a professional proof reader who has good experience in your book’s categories
  3. [Optional, Recommended] Please improve the flow and storytelling power of your book
    1. Every book has a particular flow
    2. Every book has a story it is telling
    3. Please read your book and make improvements so that
      1. The flow is smoother
      2. The story moves along at a good pace
      3. The story world draws the reader in, and keeps them there
    4. You might have to rewrite some parts of the book
    5. You might have to rewrite parts of the story
  4.  Have a full length book
    1. Most of the top Christian Book Promotion Sites will not promote short stories
    2. This is because the sales of short stories can be half to one fifth of full length books
      1. Sometimes they can be zero
    3. Christian Books will sometimes sell even when between 100 to 150 pages
    4. However, the ideal is to have books between 150 to 250 pages
      1. Longer books are also fine
      2. Over 250 page books also sell well
    5.  We will repeat this as most short story authors refuse to accept this simple reality
      1. Demand for full length books is 2 to 5 times that of short stories
      2. Sometimes demand for short stories is zero
  5. Please make sure you get reviews for your book before you submit your book
    1. While a few of the top Christian Book Promotion Sites will sometimes give books without reviews a chance
      1. Most of the time you have to have some reviews and a review rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars or higher, to get approved by the top christian book promotion sites
    2. Getting book reviews is critical
    3. Readers trust readers more than they trust anyone else
    4. A review is an endorsement of your book
      1. A confirmation that your book is worth the reader’s time and money
    5. Much of the success of your book will depend on
      1. Whether or not you can get reviews for your book
      2. What the review rating of your book is
      3. How many reviews you can get
  6. [Most Critical] Please have your book in the right book categories and the right book sub categories
    1. The entire book promotion will revolve around the book categories for your book
    2. If you promote it in the wrong categories, the book will not do well
    3. The top Christian Book Promotion Sites are very particular about your book being in the right categories and in the right sub categories
      1. Books that are mis-categorized are very unlikely to be accepted
      2. Books that are put in the wrong categories on purpose are also not accepted
      3. If it seems an author does not understand what book category the book is actually in, that is considered a big red flag
  7. Please make sure there are no errors or red flags in the Book Preview/Sample, Book Title, Book Description, and Author Profile
    1. Spelling mistakes in the book title (yes, it happens) are an automatic rejection by most readers and most Christian book promotion sites
    2. Same for mistakes in the book sample and book description
    3. Mistakes or Strange Things in the Author Profile are not considered a deal breaker
      1. However, it is best to avoid these
  8. Please submit well in advance and have everything scheduled properly
    1. Submit your book well in advance
    2. Please make sure that your book is available to purchase/download on the promotion dates
    3. If it is a discounted book promotion, then be sure to discount the book
  9. Your chances of getting accepted are much higher with a discounted book
    1. Most of the top Christian Book Promotion Sites focus on promoting Free Books, $0.99 Books, and $2.99 Books
      1. Your chances of getting accepted go up significantly if you are willing to promote at one of these price points
    2. While some top Christian Book Promotion Sites will promote books at higher price points like $4.99, $7.99, $9.99, and higher
      1. The selection bar goes up considerably for higher priced books
      2. This is because readers will not pay higher prices for books unless they are very well polished
  10. Your Book Submission must meet the specific criteria for each of the Top Christian Book Promotion Sites
    1. Each of the top Christian book promotion sites have specific criteria that are unique to them
    2. Please read through their websites and make sure you meet their criteria
    3. Some of them will only accept a deeply discounted book
    4. Some will not promote books over $2.99
    5. A few will only promote $0 and $0.99 books
    6. Some of them will not promote multi author box sets
    7. Each top Christian Book promotion site has a list of requirements or acceptance criteria
      1. Please be sure to follow those to increase your chances of getting accepted

The good news is that all the work you do to meet the acceptance criteria of the top Christian book promotion sites, is the exact same work that leads to higher book sales

So you are killing two birds with one stone

Christian Book Promotion Sites – Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

The single biggest mistake – Putting your book into Non Christian categories, hoping it will ‘reach more people’ or ‘lead to a miracle’. All it will do is upset atheists who will 1 star your book

People who are not Christian DO NOT read Christian Books. This is a very important reality to accept if you are a Christian Author

Most Christian book genres are under served. You are thinking – There must be too much competition in Christian Mystery, so let’s put it in normal Mystery. Not only are you putting it where people are not interested and might 1 star your book. What is worse is that you are missing out on the readers who are really interested in your book

Christian Books should only be in Christian book categories

Let’s look at 9 big mistakes Christian book authors (and authors in general) must avoid to increase their chances of success

  1.  Not knowing exactly what genre and sub genre your book is in
    1. You have to do a lot of research of what each category and each sub category in the book store is
    2. In a few cases, you might even have to actually read 1 or 2 books in the categories you think your book is in
    3. You must make sure you know EXACTLY what category your Christian book is in
    4. You must also make sure you know EXACTLY what sub categories your Christian book is in
  2.  Putting your Christian Book in the wrong categories
    1. Above, we discussed how putting Christian Books into Non Christian Book Categories was the single biggest mistake
    2. Another big mistake is to put your book into the wrong categories
    3. Each Christian Book category is a very particular set of books
      1. You cannot put a Christian Mystery into Christian Non Fiction or Christian Romance
      2. Readers of different Christian categories do not overlap very much
      3. Christian Non Fiction is a completely different category form Christian Mystery, and both of those are completely different categories from Christian Romance
    4. Even within Sub categories, there are very clear expectations
      1. You cannot put a Christian Thriller Novel into Christian Cozy Mystery thinking – it’s close enough
      2. They are completely separate categories
  3.  Not making it Crystal Clear to your future readers what your book’s category and sub categories are
    1. You would think that knowing what category your book is in, and putting it in the right category is enough
    2. However, is it not enough
      1. Why?
      2. Because 80% of authors put their books in the wrong category
      3. Readers are always concerned they will pick a Christian Romance and it will turn out to be a Young Adult Christian tale of angst and not fitting in
    3. It’s your job to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR what your book’s categories and sub categories are. You can do this in 5 ways. We recommend using ALL FIVE
      1. The Book Title
        1. Don’t make it a puzzle. Put the book category in the book title
        2. A Journey of Hope (Mail Order Bride Christian Historical Romance)
      2. The Book Cover
        1. Match genre conventions for your book category
        2. If your book is a Mail Order Bride Romance, please don’t show 3 middle aged men riding a Private Jet
      3. The Book Categories
        1. The categories and sub categories you select in the book store
      4. The Book Description
        1. The first line of your book description must CLEARLY say who the book is for
        2. A Journey of Hope is a Christian Historical Romance about Juliet, a mail order bride romance, who takes the Verona Trail to meet Doctor Romeo. If you like Mail Order Bride romances full of romance and faith, get this book now for a fulfilling read
        3. If possible, also have keywords and the book categories in the last paragraph of the book description
          1. That helps both readers, and the store algorithms
      5.  The Author Profile
        1. If you’re writing Mail Order Bride romances, please don’t have an Author Profile talking about how you always wanted to write poetry and now cherish the opportunity
        2. Write about why you wrote Christian Romance or Christian Mystery or whatever genre you chose
        3. Please take a look at normal Romance authors
          1. They always have very nice profiles where they describe why they write, what they read, their favorite books
          2. The more you come across as a normal person who is passionate about books and writes books because you love them, the higher the chance your books will sell
  4. Underestimating the Importance of Your Book Cover
    1. Your Book Cover is the Single Most Important Aspect of your marketing
    2. Why?
    3. Because if your Book Cover does not catch the eye readers will just ignore your book
    4. Because if your Book Cover does not compel the reader to click on it, they will never go to your book page
    5. Because even if you send them straight to your book page, they will look at the Book Cover and assume
      1. The quality of the book cover represents the quality of the Book
      2. The level of detail in your book cover represents the amount of attention to detail in your Book
      3. How beautiful the book cover is represents how beautiful your writing and story are
    6. People judge a book by its cover
      1. The reason everyone keeps saying – Don’t judge a book by its cover
      2. Is that – EVERYONE judges a book by its cover
    7.  Now consider the absurdity that authors will
      1. Spend 15 minutes thinking about the book cover for a book they spent 2 years writing
      2. Try to make the book cover themselves even though they have never designed a book cover that is proven to do well in the market
      3. Allocate $10 budget for their book cover and allocate $500 for marketing
        1. Take a company like Apple
        2. They spend months agonizing over what the outer shell of their phone will be like, what the packaging will be like, and other details
        3. They do it because they have accepted the Reality that people ALWAYS judge a book by its cover
          1. No one is going to search for inner beauty if you have a slipshod book cover
  5. Ignoring the Fit and Finish of their Book
    1.  Readers care very much about things like spelling mistakes and typographical errors
      1. Even a few such mistakes pull them out of the Story World you have created in your Christian Book and pull them back into the real world with all the headaches they wanted to not think of
        1. The precise reason they are reading is to get away and let their mind get some peace
      2. Authors tend to think such things don’t matter. That they should have ‘artistic license’ to not care about the fit and finish of the book
      3. You have to get over your natural tendency to think readers need to bend to your whims
        1. Instead you have to ensure readers have a GREAT experience
    2. It is imperative that you work on the fit and finish of your book and make it a very polished and high quality book
    3. The writing must be smooth
      1. There must be no factual errors that pull the reader out of the story world
        1. Don’t have a Ford Mustang by the side of the road in your Christian Historical Romance set in 1886
      2. There must be no spelling mistakes or typographical errors
      3. There must be no genre convention breaking things that pull the readers out of their mindset
        1. Christian books should avoid bad language and sexual references
        2. Christian books should also avoid violence to the extent possible
        3. Don’t use terminology that is slang and/or uncouth
  6. Writing for a Market that does not exist
    1. Perhaps the most important thing for success is to write for a Big, Hot Market
      1. A market where readers buy lots of books
      2. A market where readers are hungry to buy more books
      3. A market that, ideally, is under served
    2. The corollary is that the biggest mistake to avoid is writing for a Market that does not exist
      1. A market where readers don’t exist
      2. A market where readers might exist but they don’t buy books
      3. A market with too much competition
  7. Writing the Wrong Product for the Right Market
    1. After you find the right market, you must write The Right Product/The Right Book for that market
    2. Let’s say you find that Christian Billionaire Romance is an under served and hot, emerging market
      1. Writing a book about a man who is not wealthy is the absolutely wrong product
      2. Writing a book about a Billionaire who does not follow Christian principles and is not a good man is also the absolutely wrong product
    3. You must look at what readers are actually buying and figure out what The Right Product is
  8. Focusing on things other than the Quality of their Product
    1. The most important determinants of success are
      1. Finding the Right Market & Writing the Right Book for That Market
      2. Writing Very Well
      3. Marketing Very Well
    2. Writing Very Well is all about the Quality of Your Book
    3. You cannot compromise on Quality
    4. Even if you find a hot, emerging market
    5. Even if you write the right book for it
    6. Even if you do amazingly good marketing
    7. The difference between middling, transitory success and long term success if The Quality of Your Book
  9. Making Excuses for why their book is not selling & Focusing on Negativity
    1. In the end it is YOUR PRODUCT
    2. If you take 100% responsibility for whether or not it does well
      1. Then you are giving yourself the power to make improvements and have a higher chance of success
    3. If you take Zero responsibility
      1. Then you are giving up the power to take control of your destiny
    4. If you go on the Internet you will see authors obsessed with complaining about service providers
      1. There’s a site called Editors and Preditors which was focused exclusively on warning authors about Editors who were not good
      2. Consider how absurd that is – Why create a list of who not to work with?
        1. Why not build a list of what works?
      3. It’s symptomatic of something many authors fall prey to
      4. Finding someone to blame when their book doesn’t do as well as they would like
      5. That is a shortcut to more and more failure
    5. Guess who you will NEVER see making lists of who to avoid
      1. Successful People
      2. Successful Authors
      3. People who see the Reality that they are the only ones who can make their product a success
    6. You have to make that decision
      1. Whether you want to be a successful author who takes 100% responsibility and keeps improving your product (your books)
      2. Whether you want to be the type of author who thinks your book was perfect the minute you put it down on paper/on your laptop
      3. Please keep in mind that the latter type of authors are almost never successful
  10. [Reminder of the Biggest Mistake] Putting your Christian Book into Non Christian book categories
    1. There are over 1 Billion Christians in the world
    2. A significant portion of them read books
    3. You have an addressable market of 200 million+ Christians
    4. That market is woefully underserved
      1. There are not enough Christian Books
      2. There are definitely not enough high quality Christian Books
      3. There are entire Christian Book categories which see less than 5 high quality books launched a month
        1. Readers in those categories are hungry for more books
    5. Given all that data, it is absolutely crazy to instead target non Christian readers with your book
      1. Those categories are a lot more competitive
      2. The minute they find out your book is Christian they will get mad and sometimes give your book a 1 star rating and sink it
      3. They are unlikely to buy your book

Please avoid these 10 big mistakes. A large part of success is not digging yourself into a hole. You avoid these ten killer mistakes and you greatly improve your chances of success

Christian Book Promotion Sites – Improving the Results of Your Christian Book Promotion with the Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites

There are some very important fundamental principles to follow which will significantly increase the results you get with the Top Christian Book Promotion Sites

  1. Promote only after your Christian Book is ready for Prime Time
    1. Do you have a professionally designed book cover from a world class cover designer like or
      1. Does the book cover match the genre perfectly?
    2. Is your book professionally edited by a professional editor?
    3. Have you rewritten the book to improve flow and readability and make the reading experience more pleasurable for the reader?
    4. Have you had the book proof read by a professional editor not named Spell Check?
    5. Is the Book Description and Author Profile free of mistakes and typographical errors?
    6. If you promote your book in an unpolished state the results will be very low
    7. What is equally bad is that you will not know what marketing methods work for your book and what don’t
      1. Because an unpolished book does badly on nearly every book marketing channel
  2. Get the Christian Book Genres and Christian Book sub genres PERFECTLY right
    1. Make sure you spend a lot of time figuring out What is the Right Market For Me to Write In?
    2. Make sure you know exactly what Christian book genres and sub genres your book fits into
      1. This is a real task which requires checking the book stores and checking books in the different categories
      2. Please don’t skip this
      3. If you mess this up, everything else you do becomes meaningless
    3. Make sure you put the correct Christian book genres and sub genres on the book
      1. Book Cover must match genre conventions
      2. Title, Book Description, Book Categories, Author Profile must all reassure the reader that they are picking the right book
        1. Best way to do that is to clearly specify what the book genres are
    4. Make sure you add your Christian Book to the right book categories at the Book Store
      1. You must make sure you select genres yourself, or the store will add the book to categories somewhat randomly
      2. You must then make sure your book is added to Christian genres and to the right ones
    5. Make sure that when promoting with the top Christian book promotion sites (or anywhere else) the book is being promoted to the right readers – those who read books in the same genre/genres as your book
    6. The Game is Won or Lost in the Selection of Genres
      1. Please Always remember that
      2. There is no such thing as spending too much time figuring out what genre to write in
  3. Results will be 2 to 4 times higher if your book has good reviews
    1. Yes, every dollar you spend on marketing will get you 2 to 4 times more sales if your book has good reviews
      1. Readers, above all else, trust other readers
    2. Corollary to this is that a book without reviews will sell slower
      1. Additionally, a book without reviews must have an exceptionally good book cover and very good editing to do well
      2. If your book has no reviews, and you made the cover yourself on Photoshop, you will sell very slowly
    3. Corollary to this is that a review rating below 4 stars is the Kiss of Death
      1. Regardless of how many New York Times Bestselling Author’s books you show us that have a 3.5 stars rating and sold 5 million copies
      2. If you are a new author and your review rating drops below 4 stars, your book sales will drop a lot
  4. Plan and Schedule everything well in advance
    1. There are a lot of moving parts to a book promotion
    2. Please make sure you plan out well in advance
      1. 2 months to 3 months in advance is ideal
      2. At the minimum – one month in advance
    3. We see that authors who rush for last minute packages, often cut corners in other aspects too (cover, editing, writing, proofreading)
      1. Most of the top Christian book promotion sites will not take last minute requests
      2. Many have wait times of 1 to 3 weeks
      3. Submit your book well in advance of your desired date
  5. Be Well Prepared & Adaptable
    1. Leave room for mistakes + Be Ready to Make Adjustments
    2. The most likely mistake is that the store (5% of the time) or you (5% of the time) will mess up the pricing of your book
      1. Therefore, leave 1 or 2 days ‘gap room’
      2. Please note that in general book stores can take 3 hours to 3 days to drop the price, or make prices changes
      3. Please note that 5% of the time the price change fails
        1. Which means if you schedule $300 worth of marketing on Day 1, and the store messes up the pricing of your book
        2. You lose $300
        3. The only solution is to start the discount 1 or 2 days BEFORE your promotion dates with the top Christian book promotion sites
    3. Be prepared in case your book doesn’t sell as you expect it to
      1. There might be quick changes you need to make in the book categories, book description, book cover, etc
      2. Be willing and able to call up the ebook stores and get those changes expedited
  6. Have a Clear Main Target and avoid getting distracted
    1. There are a lot of different targets you can aim for
      1. Becoming a Bestseller in a small category
      2. Becoming a Bestseller in a large category
      3. Getting on to one of the bestselling New Releases lists
      4. Doing well in sales and getting a shot at being featured by the book store itself
        1. This is a mixture of performance and luck, so please don’t set this as a main target
      5. Getting Reviews
      6. Making back the money you spent on marketing
      7. Building a Readership
      8. Give a Loss Leader to get readers hooked on to your writing
      9. Introduce readers to your book series
    2. Please pick one Main Target
      1. At most two
      2. Never more than two
    3. Please prioritize all your Christian book marketing and promotion efforts around that One Main Target
  7. Eliminate as much Friction in the Path to Purchase for Readers as You Can
    1. The easier and more friction-free you make the path for readers
    2. The more they will buy
    3. You must eliminate as many of these ‘Sources of Friction’ as possible
      1. A price that is much higher than the value readers are getting
        1. Sorry, readers are not going to pay $2.99 for your short story
      2. Being a complete unknown author
        1. Get some testimonials and reviews
        2. Get some editorial reviews
        3. Offer the book at a deeply discounted price to make up for being an unknown author
      3. Not being clear who the book is written for
      4. Not being clear what your similar authors and what your book’s similar books are
        1. So readers can’t tell whether you are a good fit
      5. A Book Cover that says – this author doesn’t care about quality or finish
        1. Only what the reader thinks, matters
      6. A book that is in the wrong book category
      7. A book that is not a complete experience
      8. An author profile that does not clearly show you are a real person and one they can relate to
      9. The book available in the book store of their choice
      10. The book available in the format of their choice
        1. Whether it is ebook or paperback or (if possible for you to create) audiobook
      11. Not being accessible
        1. Language (swear words, too much profanity) or settings (font size, font type) that make it hard for readers to embrace the book
      12. Not being easy to read
        1. Formatting and typesetting that makes it tough to read your book
      13. You must identify and eliminate as many sources of friction as possible
  8. Collect as Much Data as You Can
    1. Each Marketing and Promotion push you do
      1. Provides you invaluable data for your future marketing efforts
      2. Provides you invaluable data when you have another book you want to promote
      3. Save all this information in an easy to access manner
    2. Note down what is working and what is not working
      1. This is absolutely critical
      2. Among the Top 10 Christian Book promotion sites
        1. Some Christian Book Promotion sites will work very well for your book
        2. Some Christian Book Promotion sites will work decently well for your book
        3. A few Christian Book Promotion sites will not work for your book
      3.  Effectiveness of a book promotion site can vary from author to author
        1. It can even vary from book to book for the same author
        2. The more you save data on what works and what doesn’t work
        3. The more efficient your marketing will be
    3. The Data you get is just as valuable as the sales you get and the reviews you get
      1. Think about why different countries are making rules that technology companies can store data only on servers within the country
        1. EU won’t let US companies store data outside EU
        2. Russia and China have already been doing this
        3. India has started doing it
      2. You need to realize what everyone else is realizing
        1. There is money in the Banana Stand There is money in the Data
  9. Interpret the Data you collect without making assumptions
    1. All that data is useless if you don’t approach it with an emotionless mind
    2. Your first tendency will be to let your emotions rule and jump to conclusions and assumptions that are comfortable and yet misleading
      1. You will try to interpret the data to show you are a better author than you are
      2. You will adjust and tweak it to try and conform to what you already believe
    3. Instead you should approach the Data as Feedback
      1. Listen to What the Market is Telling You
      2. The Data is a message from readers/The Market telling you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong

These are not easy things to do

They take time. They take introspection

They involve taking a long, hard look at yourself and your book

If you can do that, you will greatly increase your chances of succeeding as an author

Christian Book Promotion – Women Christian Readers Vs Men Christian Readers

You know what the crazy little secret of Christian Books is?

Nearly all the book sales are from Women Christian Readers

Yes. It’s not 50-50. It’s not even 60-40

70% or higher of Christian Book Sales will be from women readers. This matches what you see in terms of the biggest Christian book genres

  1. Christian Romance
  2. Christian Historical Romance
  3. Christian Cozy Mystery
  4. Christian Mystery & Suspense
  5. Christian Non Fiction for Women
  6. Christian Biographies & Memoirs

Genres that are not very large (in comparison to the above genres) are the men dominated genres

  1. Christian Non Fiction for Men
  2. Christian Adventure
  3. Christian Thriller
  4. Christian Health & Fitness

The second crazy little secret of Christian Books is that the market for Young Adult Christian Books and Children’s Christian Books is very small

If you are going to be writing Christian Books

  1. It would be smart to write for Christian Women
  2. It would be smart to write for one of the genres (the first list) which appeals to Christian Women
  3. It would not be smart to write for Christian Men
  4. It would not be smart to write for one of the genres (the second list above) which appeals to Christian Men
  5. It would be madness to write for Christian Young Adult readers or for Christian Children

Product Market Fit always wins

We see, again and again, Christian authors trying to create a market for Christian Men’s Books. It is a Sisyphean task

It is much easier to cater to an existing market, than it is to create a brand new market. Even more so if the people you are targeting don’t read very much

Christian Book Promotion Sites – The Critical Importance of Picking the Right Book Genre and Sub Genres

While this applies to all book categories, this is especially true for Christian Book Promotion

In ALL categories, including Christian Books, choosing the right categories and sub categories to write a book in is the difference between

  1. Doing well as an Author
  2. Versus
  3. Failing to sell even 1000 copies of your book

In Christian Books, due to the unfortunate current state of affairs, there are a small fraction of readers who will 1 star your Christian book if you put it in a non Christian category. For a new book, 1 Star reviews can be very hard to recover from. So please make sure you do not under any circumstances put your Christian Book into non Christian categories

Here are a few key things to keep in mind regarding the Critical Importance of Picking the Right Book Genre and Sub Genres for your Christian Book(s)

  1. The Game is Won or Lost in the Selection of Categories
    1. Most authors give 1 to 5 minutes of thinking when deciding what category to write in
      1. You should be giving it 1 to 6 months
      2. Even that might not be enough
      3. Please don’t base your entire career as an Author on a quick, poorly thought out decision
    2. Most authors after writing a book, spend 5 to 10 minutes deciding what its categories are
      1. That’s not enough time
      2. You should spend 1 to 2 weeks confirming what your book’s actual categories are
  2. You Absolutely MUST get your Book’s Category right
    1. If you get your category wrong, you are burning all the money you spend on book marketing and promotion
    2. Just as bad is that you won’t know what marketing channels work for your book and what don’t, because you were marketing it in the wrong book categories
      1. So you get zero valuable information on how you should market it in the future
  3. You MUST get your Book’s Sub Categories right
    1. Christian Books fall into lots of different sub categories within the main Christian Books category
    2. These sub categories are quite different from each other
    3. Please do your Due Diligence and confirm exactly which Christian book sub categories your book falls into
  4. You must have the right categories and sub categories showing at the Book Stores
    1. Readers need the reassurance that they are buying the right book
    2. Additionally, you definitely don’t want the wrong readers buying your book and finding out they bought something other than what they expected
    3. Therefore, please pay care and attention to what book categories are showing on your book page. It must be the EXACT right categories and sub categories
  5. You must promote it as the right category
    1. This is critically important common sense
    2. All your book promotion and marketing must be to Readers of the genre your book is in
    3. The actual book promotion and marketing must be clear and precise about what your book category and sub categories are
  6. When promoting with the top Christian Book Promotion Sites, you must select the right list/category for them to promote your book in
    1. Under no circumstances should you go for a ‘throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ approach
    2. Know what category your Christian book is in, and promote in that Category
    3. Most Christian Book promotion sites have choices such as Christian Romance, Christian Non Fiction, Christian Mystery & Suspense
      1. Please make sure you pick the right one
  7. You must make it Crystal Clear to readers your book is a Christian book and what its category and sub categories are
    1. Your book title, your book cover, your book description, the categories on the book page, and your Author Profile must ALL clearly indicate what the book genre is
    2. They must also stick to the conventions of that Christian category

The first point is so important that we will repeat it – The Game is Won or Lost in the Selection of Genres

Spending 1 to 6 months figuring out what Christian Book Categories to write in, will, for 80% to 90% of Christian Book Authors, save them 3 to 6 years of being stuck in the wrong category

Christian Book Promotion Sites – Christian Book Promotion vs Clean Book Promotion

This is a very tricky subject, though with no serious consequences if you get it wrong

  1. Christian Books are all Clean Books
  2. Clean Books are not all Christian Books
  3. Christian Books usually have – zero sex, zero reference to sex, low to zero violence, no swearing
    1. AND ALSO
    2. Usually a message of Faith or Hope
    3. Usually divine intervention or miracles or something that shows God being at work behind the scenes
    4. Strong Christian Themes
  4. Clean Books usually have – zero sex, zero or low reference to sex (always behind closed doors), low to zero violence, low to zero swearing
    1. AND ALSO
    2. Almost never any Strong Christian Themes
  5. They are very similar. Just that Christian Books usually have Christian Themes

If you get it wrong, there is not any big issue. Readers in both categories are very accommodating

Here are some things to keep in mind

  1. If you are unsure whether your book is Christian or Clean, go with Christian
  2. If your book is not Christian, and at the same time it’s very clean cut and free of topics that would bother Christians or other people who are particular about sex, bad language, and violence
    1. Then Clean is a good category for it
  3. A lot of non Christian readers will read Clean books. However, they do not like books that are written to convert people to Christianity
    1. So it is best not to put your book into ‘Clean’ categories if you have a strong Christian theme or a strong Christian message

These are both very strong categories. Both categories (Christian Books, Clean Books) are large enough to support an Author’s Career

You will get the best results if you focus on one category at a time and write a book focused purely on one book category (not both Christian and Clean)

Becoming a Bestseller – Leveraging the Top Christian Book Promotion Sites to Become a Bestseller

Christian Books have a lot of categories and sub categories

  1. Becoming a Bestseller in a smaller category is quite easy
  2. Becoming a Bestseller in a medium sized category is somewhat hard
  3. Becoming a Bestseller in one of the main Christian categories is quite hard
  4. Becoming a Top 100 Bestseller in the entire Amazon Kindle Store is quite hard
  5. Becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author or a USA Today Bestselling Author is very, very hard

Before you make a Bestseller Push, there are some very important factors you have to consider

  1. The lower your book is priced, the higher the chance you can become a bestseller
    1. This does not mean it becomes easy
    2. Just that it is almost impossible with a full priced book
    3. It is quite hard with an ebook discounted to $2.99
    4. Realistically speaking, you have to make a Bestseller push using an ebook discounted to $0.99
  2. The higher the quality of your book, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
  3. The more reviews you have, and the higher the review rating, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
  4. The better the packaging of your book, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
  5. The more books you have written, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
  6. The more experience you have of marketing and promoting your books, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
  7. [Usually] The longer your book, the higher the chance you will become a bestseller
    1. Short stories and Novellas are almost completely ruled out

Pushing to become a bestseller with your first book is usually a fruitless endeavor

Let’s look at three main Bestseller Status’es you can aim for

Becoming a Category Bestseller

Becoming a Category Bestseller means becoming a #1 Bestseller or a Top 10 Bestseller in a Christian Books category or sub category

The number of sales required is

  1.  A very small Christian Books sub category – 10 to 30 sales over a week
  2.  A small Christian Books sub category – 30 to 70 sales over a week
  3.  A medium sized Christian Books Sub category – 70 to 150 sales over a week
  4. A large Christian Books sub category – 150 to 300 sales over a week
  5. A very large Christian Books sub category – 300 to 1,000 sales over a week

Getting all these sales in 1 or 2 days will increase your chances of becoming a Bestseller

However, it is better to stagger your book marketing over a few days to a week. There are sometimes errors and bugs in the eBook Stores. If you stack everything on one day, and something goes wrong that day (book is not discounted, sales rank doesn’t show up, sales display gets delayed) then you lose your chance

On the other hand, if you set everything up over a period of 3 to 7 days, then one bad day, or one mistake, cannot affect your shot at Becoming a Bestseller

Becoming an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller

To become an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller you will require 1,000 to 3,000 sales over a 3 day period

  1. You definitely need a Bookbub
  2. You need 3 or more of the remaining Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites. Ideally – Books Butterfly, eReader News Today, Robin Reads
  3. If you want to be one the safe side, get as many of the Top 10 Christian Book Promotion Sites as possible
  4. Your Bookbub should be on Day 2 or 3, ideally Day 3
  5. On Day 1 you should have a few of the Top Christian Book Promotion Sites
  6. On Day 2 you should have a few of the remaining Top Christian Book Promotion Sites
  7. On Day 3 you should have Bookbub and as many of the remaining Top Christian Book Promotion Sites as possible

One advantage of this approach is that even if there is a pricing mistake on Day 1, or something else goes wrong, you can get it fixed by Day 2 and your Bestseller Push will not get derailed

No matter how careful you are, there is always a 10% to 20% chance that something goes wrong

Please don’t set everything for one day

Becoming a New York Times or USA Today Bestseller

This requires

  1. A good number of Reviews and a good Review Rating
  2. A very well written book
  3. A very well packaged book
    1. Professionally done book cover
    2. Professionally edited book
    3. An excellent Book Page
  4. A Very, Very Big Marketing Budget
  5. Sales across different book stores
    1. You must get sales in Apple and Barnes & Noble Nook also
    2. It is not enough to just get sales at Amazon Kindle store
    3. It also really helps if you can get paperback sales from book stores or from
  6. The ability to adapt quickly if something goes wrong

This is unlikely to work if

  1. Your book has a review rating below 4 stars out of 5 stars
  2. Your book has no reviews
  3. Your book is not a full length book
  4. You have designed your own book cover
  5. You have spelling mistakes and typographical errors (especially if they are in the first chapter or in the book description)
  6. Your book is not clear about what the book category is and what the book sub categories are
  7. Your book is not a Christian book
    1. Yes, this might come as a massive surprise –  If you promote a non Christian book as a Christian book it is not going to become a bestseller

All that being said, here is what you will need

  1. Between 5,000 to 15,000 sales of your Christian Book within a one week period
    1. Please check for the exact week long period the New York Times and  USA Today consider
  2. At least 500 sales from non Amazon stores
    1. You will need at least 500 sales from Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, and physical book stores
  3. Absolutely nothing illegal
    1. Doing things like buying 500 paperbacks from your local bookstore
    2. It will flag your book as being ‘artificially manipulated’ and will kill your chances of Becoming a Bestseller

If you do go for it – Best of Luck! Be As Well Prepared As You Can Possibly Be!

How to Increase the Number of Reviews you get after Promoting Your Christian Book

The number of reviews you get will depend on 8 main things

  1. The quality of writing of your Christian Book
    1. The better written your book is, the more likely readers are to leave a review
      1. This includes writing well
      2. This includes rewriting your book to make the story stronger
      3. This includes rewriting your book to make it flow better
    2. A decently written book will get
      1. 1 to 10 reviews for every 1,000 books sold
      2. 1 to 10 reviews for every 5,000 to 10,000 free books downloaded
    3. A very well written book will get
      1. 5 to 20 reviews for every 1,000 books sold
      2. 5 to 15 reviews for every 5,000 free books downloaded
  2. The level of polish of your Christian Book
    1. The fewer spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and grammatical mistakes you have in your book, the more reviews you will get
      1. The corollary is that lots of mistakes will lead to zero reviews, or even to negative reviews
    2. The better the editing, the higher the chance of getting reviews
    3. The better the proof reading, the higher the chance of getting reviews
  3. Whether or not your book is a Christian book and meets Christian book conventions
    1. Christian readers are looking for Christian books
      1. Books which are written for Christian readers
    2. Christian readers are looking for books which meet Christian book conventions
      1. No sex
      2. No violence
      3. No abusing and no foul language
      4. Christian themes
      5. Good protagonists who are Christians and/or people of strong faith
    3. This is common sense which, unfortunately, authors keep ignoring
      1. A Christian Book must be a Christian Book
      2. A Christian book must meet Christian book conventions
      3. Please follow this if you want to do well as a Christian author
  4. Asking for Reviews
    1. Perhaps the most important thing is to Ask Your Readers to Leave a Review If They Like The Book
    2. Ask and It will Be Given to You
    3. Ask them on your book page
    4. Ask them inside the book, at the beginning
    5. Ask them at the end of the book, on the last page of the book (where the story ends)
    6. Ask them in the back matter of the book (the sections after the book ends)
    7. Ask them on your website
    8. Ask them if they contact you to say they liked your book
  5. The number of books you sell (or for free books, the number of books you give away)
    1. The more books you sell, the more reviews you will get
    2. If you happen to have a decently written book which is getting 1 to 10 Reviews for every 1,000 books sold
      1. The first simple way to get more reviews is – Sell More Books
      2. The second not-so-easy way to get more reviews is – Improve the Quality and Polish of your book
        1. Quality – How well it is written
        2. Polish – How well it is edited and proof read
      3. Selling More Books is sometimes the most straightforward way to get more reviews
  6. Does your Christian Book make readers happy and/or feel closer to God and/or strengthen their Faith
    1. This is one of the main reasons why Christian readers read Christian Books
    2. If you make readers happy – they will leave a review
    3. If you make readers feel closer to God – they will leave a review
    4. If you make readers strengthen their Faith – they will leave a review
    5. You are writing a Christian Book for Christian Readers
      1. Give them what they want – Happiness, Faith, closeness to God
  7. Does your Christian Book give your readers Hope
    1. We are living in a world where a lot of things are wrong. Readers need Hope
    2. One of the main functions of Books is to give readers hope and show them a better future exists
      1. This is especially true for Christian Books
    3. If your book is not leaving readers with a strong sense of Faith and Hope, then it will lead to fewer reviews
  8. Promoting and Marketing your Christian Book to Christian readers
    1. Another item that is Common Sense and yet rather uncommon
    2. A Christian Book should be marketed and promoted to Christian Readers
    3. Christian Readers are the most likely readers to enjoy your book
      1. Only readers who enjoy your book and/or are moved by your book leave reviews
    4. It is also important to promote your Christian Book only to Christian Readers because there is a set of non Christian readers who will go out of their way to leave a negative review if you promote to them
      1. You must make sure that you do not promote to such readers
      2. You must also make sure your book is clearly marked as Christian

Getting reviews for your books is a Skill. With some focus and practice you will become quite good at it. Treat it as a skill that you have to learn. Focus as much as possible on writing very good books

Christian Book Promotion Sites vs Facebook Ads

Facebook works very well for Christian Book Promotion because it allows you to target very specific sets of readers

Christian Book Promotion sites work very well alongside Facebook Ads

  1. Christian Book Promotion sites are better suited to
    1. Creating a big marketing push
    2. Boosting a book right after book launch
    3. Aiming for a Bestseller List
  2. Facebook Ads are better suited to
    1. Using a small daily budget and creating a steady stream of sales
    2. Using Lookalike Audiences to market to readers exactly like your existing email list
    3. Targeting very specific sets of readers
  3. Christian Book Promotion Sites and Facebook Ads work well together to
    1. Create a mix of steady sales (from Facebook Ads marketing) and sales spikes (from marketing with Christian Book Promotion Sites
    2. When targeting a Bestseller List
    3. In the first 2 weeks after a book launches (as every sale is very precious during that period)

Both are very powerful channels. You should aim to master both of these marketing tools

Christian Book Promotion Sites vs Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services work decently well for Christian Book Promotion. A few things to keep in mind

  1. Christian Book Promotion Sites are much better than Amazon Marketing Services when you want a flurry of sales coming in
    1. Pushing a book to bestseller status
    2. Book Launch
    3. Creating Spikes
  2. Amazon Marketing Services is better suited for slow and steady sales
  3. Amazon Marketing Services will not work for roughly 70% of Christian Book Authors
    1. Half of authors are generally unable to get the AMS working for them i.e. they cannot get it to get consistent sales
    2. Another 20% are able to make it work but cannot get it to work at a good, low price
    3. If you’re in the 30% of Christian authors who can make Amazon Marketing Services work
      1. Rejoice!
      2. You have a good marketing channel you can add to Christian book promotion sites and Facebook Ads
      3. If not, don’t worry about it as 70% of authors won’t be able to leverage this marketing channel
  4. Amazon Marketing Services allows you to target keywords and also target authors and books
    1. ALWAYS choose to target well known Christian book authors and well known and popular Christian Books
    2. Targeting by Keyword rarely works as there is just too much noise
    3. On the other hand, targeting popular Christian authors and Christian books does work (for 30% of Christian authors)
  5. Amazon Marketing Services is a tool in your tool box
    1. It is a skill you have to learn
    2. It will take time
    3. It will take some maintenance time, even after you learn the skill

If you have to choose 2 out of the 3 of

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Christian Book Promotion Sites
  3. Amazon Marketing Services Ads

The best two choices are – Facebook Ads and Christian Book Promotion Sites

Very few authors have enough time to master all 3 marketing channels and Amazon Marketing Services will work only for 30% of authors. It makes more sense to focus on learning the marketing skills which will work for 70% to 90% of authors (Christian book promotion sites, Facebook Ads)

The 3 Core Skills for Authors

The 3 Core Skills for Authors are

  1. Knowing What to Write (Writing the Right Book for The Right Market)
  2. Writing Very High Quality Books
  3. Marketing Your Books Very Well

If you become very good in each of these three skills, your career as an author is set

If you become extremely good in one or more of these, while also being very good in the others, then you will be very successful as an author

Nothing else matters – just these 3 Core Skills for authors

Please read this post on Levels of Mastery of The 3 Core Skills to better understand the 3 Core Skills for Authors

How the 3 Core Skills apply to Christian Book Promotion

The Christian Book Market is full of opportunities and is also very challenging. The 3 Core Skills are especially important for Christian Authors because

  1. Knowing What to Write (Writing the Right Book for The Right Market)
    1. There are Christian Book Genres/Categories that are under served, and there are ones that are too competitive
      1. You have to find the markets that you are interested in writing for, while also ensuring they are a market where you can easily succeed
        1. The less competition the better
    2. For each Christian book genre, there is a particular type of Book (the Right Product) that does well
    3. It’s not just enough to find The Right Markets to write for, you also have to write The Right Book
      1. Please do not write ‘what you think will sell’
      2. Write what is actually selling in the market
  2. Writing Very High Quality Books
    1. The majority of authors, including Christian authors, underestimate how well written and how well polished a book has to be
    2. If you have not rewritten your book a few times, to improve the flow of the book, then you are not ready
    3. If you don’t have a well edited, well proof read book, then you are not ready
    4. If you don’t have a professionally designed book cover, then you are not ready
    5. You have to bring your A game
      1. In fact, you have to bring your A+ game
  3. Marketing Your Books Very Well
    1. Marketing and Promotion of Christian Books is very challenging because Christian authors tend to think of ‘marketing and sales’ as a non essential skill
    2. Marketing is an entire Skill in itself and it is absolutely vital if you want to succeed as a Christian author
    3. You have to first develop respect for the Marketing and Sales role
      1. Every person who is selling something, develop respect for
      2. Study them and see what they are doing
    4. Then you have to start learning the skills of Marketing and Sales and Influence
    5. Finally, you have to combine it all and start promoting and marketing your books
    6. Many, many Christian authors become complacent and think after writing a good book, it will sell itself
    7. You have to ensure your well written book gets in front of enough readers
    8. You have to ensure you SELL YOUR BOOK TO THEM, not just put it in front of them

Ignore the 3 Core Skills at your own peril. We have never seen any author become successful without becoming very good in each of these three skills

The 5 Golden Rules of Christian Book Promotion

These are the absolute most important rules and guidelines you should follow

  1. You can only find Success with your Christian Book if you write it for Christian Readers and you market it to Christian Readers
    1. You must write your Christian Book for Christian readers
      1. If you’re writing a Christian Book write it for Christian Readers and market it to Christian readers
      2. People who are not Christian do not buy Christian books
    2. You must market it to Christian Readers
      1. Less than 1% of non Christian readers will EVER buy a Christian book
      2. You might think there is some secret magical formula and your book is the first Christian book of all time that will suddenly get a bunch of non Christian readers to purchase it
        1. It does not happen
  2. The Game is Won or Lost in the Selection of Book Genres
    1. You must make sure Christian Books is the right category/genre for you to write books in
    2. You must pick the right Christian sub genre to write in
      1. There are lots of different sub genres/sub categories within Christian Books
      2. Make sure you pick one you can write well in, deliver a good product in, and sell well in
    3. When putting the book in the ebook stores you must select the right categories AND they must be Christian book categories
    4. When putting the book in the ebook stores you must select the right sub categories AND they must be Christian sub categories
    5. When promoting and marketing the book, promote it as a Christian book and promote it to Christian readers
  3. Product Market Fit (Writing The Right Book for The Right Market) is the only thing that matters
    1. The first thing you need is to find The Right Market
      1. If you’re writing Christian Books, that means finding the right sub category of Christian Books
        1. A Christian Books sub genre which has a lot of readers who buy books
        2. Where you can write a very good book
        3. Where you can make readers happy and addicted to your writing
        4. Where you can sell a lot of books and build a career
        5. Where you can give the Christian readers what they are asking for
      2.   This is your ‘Perfect’ market
    2. The second thing you need to do is find The Right Product for this Perfect Market
      1. You have to be able to write ‘The Right Book’
        1. Not what you wish people would buy and read
        2. No – you have to write what the Christian readers in that book category are wishing Christian Authors would write and sell
    3. The only thing that matters is – Finding The Right Market and creating The Right Product for that Marker
      1. Everything else is non-essential
  4. The Market Always Wins
    1. Writer 1 says – I will write for a market that does not exist
      1. That writer can never succeed
    2. Writer 2 says – I will write for a great market. However, I will write what I want to write
      1. That writer is unlikely to succeed
    3. Writer 3 says – I will write for a great market. I will find out what readers really want to buy and read and I will write that
      1. That is the author who will succeed
    4. The more you can let go of your own desires and wishes
      1. The more you can listen to what the Market is telling you
      2. What the market is asking you to write
      3. The more you will succeed
    5. There is no market in the world where customers choose to forego what they want to buy, and instead buy what the merchants are telling them to buy
      1. Readers buy only what they want to buy
      2. It’s 100 times easier to just write what they are asking you to write
  5. Pick a Market you are passionate about and Produce the Absolute Best Quality Book you can produce
    1. Whichever market you enter, you will have to work very hard
      1. If you enter a market (a Christian Books sub category) that you are passionate about and happy to write in
        1. You will be much happier
        2. You will work harder and create better work
        3. You will be energized and write more books
      2.  That makes you much likelier to succeed
      3. If, on the other hand, you enter a market you don’t care about
        1. You will have low motivation
        2. You will not enjoy writing for that market
        3. You can never compete with the people who actually LOVE writing for that market
    2. You must produce the Absolute Best Quality Books you can produce
      1. Write the best you can
        1. Rewrite
        2. Improve your writing skills
      2. Make sure the book is well edited and proof read
      3. Package the book very well
        1. Get a professionally designed book cover
        2. Get proper book formatting and layout
      4. When is the last time you bought a product that was shoddily made and packaged half-heartedly?
        1. Probably never
        2. If you don’t want mediocre products in mediocre packaging
        3. Then make sure your Product (your book) is not a mediocre product and is not in unattractive packaging

Christian Books are a real opportunity

It’s up to you whether you are willing to work hard, write for the right market, keep things simple, and give Christian readers what they are asking for

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