What is The Passive Voice?

The Passive Voice is an excellent blog for Authors & Publishers

Passive Guy (PG) is the main blogger and an attorney, entrepreneur and former tech executive

Reasons why we recommend The Passive Voice

  1. Excellent quality posts
  2. Covers both in depth analysis and quick news
  3. We’ve already included it in various lists such as ‘Best Resources for Authors’ and ‘Best Blogs for Authors’
  4. It is a very good combination of analysis, news, guest blog posts
  5. Absolutely not selling you anything. Unfortunately some ‘gurus’ and ‘blogger celebrities’ in publishing are now mostly trying to sell you stuff

Where to Start with The Passive Voice?

We found the following sections most helpful

  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property
  2. The Contracts category to see posts about contracts with publishers and agents
    1. Please note that while PG is an attorney, his blog posts are not legal counsel or advice
  3. Advertising & Book Promotion & Marketing
  4. Books in General for general book related updates
  5. Self Publishing – a definite must read if you are a self published author

We definitely recommend it as a must read blog. Do keep in mind that you might find your IQ go up considerably if you keep reading The Passive Voice

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