What is Writer Beware?

Writer Beware is a website run by author Victoria Strauss

It is a list of various scams and tricks that target authors. It includes

  1. Contests and Awards
  2. Copyright Issues
  3. Editors and Assessment Services
  4. Literary Agents
  5. Self Publishing
  6. Small Presses
  7. Vanity Publishers
  8. Writers’ Services


We find it very interesting. In all the businesses we’ve been in

  1. We’ve never seen a business like Publishing where authors are very focused on avoiding scams
  2. We’ve never seen a business like Publishing where there are so many people taking advantage of authors

In fact, that’s the reason we are building ReviewZero, our Search Engine for Authors

We want to shift the focus to WHAT WORKS, to Companies that are 100% Honest and also very good at what they do

What’s the point of writing endlessly about stuff that doesn’t work. It’s just a waste of time. Instead point authors to what works

An analogy with Psychology & Psychiatry

Much of psychology and psychiatry focuses on

  1. Studying what is wrong
  2. Studying people with mental illnesses
  3. Studying what could go wrong

Why not study people with excellent mental psychology

What can we learn more from?

  1. Can we learn more from studying people who are mentally ill?
  2. Can we perhaps learn more from studying people who are very mentally healthy?

In the publishing industry we find a similar fascination with studying the scammers

Focusing on listing scammers

Starting off believing everyone is a scammer until proven innocent

Is that really productive?

ReviewZero focuses on What Works

Why not focus on what is proven to work

What is the better approach?

  1. Telling authors – don’t go here, don’t go there, don’t go here either
    1. These are all dangerous places for authors
  2. Telling authors – this is where you should go
    1. This is a honest and safe place

We believe it’s the latter

Towards that goal, we have built Review Zero as a Search Engine for Authors which focuses on

  1. Services and Companies that are 100% honest
  2. While also being among the best in their field

Do give ReviewZero a try. We are sure you will love it!




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