What are the Elements of a Beautiful Cover which will Sell Books

A Cover has two main functions Before the reader has arrived at the book page

  1. It must catch the reader’s eye
  2. It must get the reader to click on the cover and go to the book page

On the Book Page itself, the Cover has one main function

  1. It must have very high quality and detail, and convince the reader that the book is worth buying

These 3 goals are best accomplished when the following elements are well thought out and well executed

The Elements of a Beautiful Book Cover

  1. Beautiful
    1. Beautiful Image – very high quality image in bright clear colors
    2. Beautiful Fonts
    3. Beautiful attention to detail so that when reader goes to the book page, he/she is more likely to purchase the book
  2. Easy to See
    1. High Contrast and High Detail – everything must be very clearly detailed
    2. Clear and not overcrowded
    3. Book Title must be clear and easy to read and understand
  3. Catches the Eye
    1. The image and/or color combination must attract the eye
    2. Attracts the Reader’s Eye even in a sea of book covers
    3. Clear and Bright and High Contrast
  4. Looks Good in All Sizes
    1. Looks very good in small size – so that even in a list of covers it stands out
    2. Looks very good in large size – so that it looks really good on the book page
  5. Correct Use of Fonts
    1. Font must be beautiful and appropriate to the genre
    2. Fonts used must go well with the image chosen
    3. Fonts must make sense for the book category
    4. Fonts for Title and Author Name must be beautiful and fit in with the cover
  6. One Theme
    1. One Central Image, not 2 or 3 or 4
    2. One Central Theme
  7. Matches the Book Genre
    1. Cover must match genre conventions – so there is no confusion about what the book genre is
    2. Cover must be appealing to the readers in that genre
      1. For Example: An image of a Handsome Man or a Beautiful Couple are MUCH better for a romance novel than an image of a Rose

These elements are all critical

You generally can only get these elements right if you use a professional cover designer

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