Why Copywriting is Very Important for Authors

Please be sure to first read our post on What Copywriting Is & Why Authors Should Care!

In this post we will discuss why Copywriting is absolutely critical for Authors

Top 10 Reasons Copywriting is Very Important for Authors

  1. Very Good to Great Copywriting will greatly increase sales conversion i.e. a good percentage of people/readers you reach, will buy your book
  2. Bad copywriting will kill sales, regardless of how good your book is
  3. Principles of Copywriting blend in with Principles of Good Writing. The more you learn about copywriting, the better your writing will become. The more you learn about writing, the better your copywriting will become
  4. Both writing and copywriting use the same magic – words. The better your command of words, the better author you can be. The better your command of words, the better copywriter you can be
  5. Both create the same magic – emotions and feelings in people. Authors create emotions and feelings to immerse readers into the book’s story and the story world. Copywriters create emotions and feelings to sell products
  6. Authors are often naive and idealistic about sales. Copywriting will force you to embrace reality – the best writing in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t sell your book and get people to READ your book
  7. Copywriting can double or triple your book sales, while keeping marketing costs the same, and keeping the product the same
  8. Learning about copywriting will help authors understand the power of words, and also understand how they can hook readers deeper into their story and create stronger and more powerful experiences and emotions
  9. ¬†Copywriting forces Authors to understand Sales and Marketing. As Marketing Very Well is one of the 3 Core Skills that determines whether or not an author succeeds, learning copywriting greatly improves an author’s Marketing Skill. This greatly increases the author’s chances of success
  10. Authors already have the mastery over words which is the most important core skill for copywriting. They just need to learn principles of human psychology and influence and principles of marketing and sales. Fundamentally, authors are better suited to be copywriters, and benefit from copywriting, than almost anyone else

Copywriting is an absolutely critical skill to look at, if you want to succeed as an Author

Mastery in One Area, often Improves Your Mastery in Another Area

If you are already a good author, then learning and understanding copywriting will help you to become a very good author

If you are a masterful author, then understanding and embracing the principles of copywriting will help you to become a superlative and superlatively successful author



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