11 Most Important Marketing Principles for Authors

  1. Even the best Marketing is useless if you have written a book for which no market exists
    1. Before spending on Marketing, make sure A Market Exists for the book you have written
    2. Even Better, research and confirm a market exists BEFORE you start writing a book
  2. The Return on Marketing depends on the Quality of Your Product
    1. Perhaps the most painful realization for authors is that marketing only works if you have a product worth selling
    2. You can spend a lot of time blaming everyone else. In the end your marketing results will depend primarily on how good your book is
  3. Marketing is an Art and Science in itself
    1. It is an Art because you have to go with gut instinct a lot of the time (and it’s right a lot of the time)
    2. It is a Science because of principles such as
      1. What Gets Measured Gets Managed
      2. Pareto Principle
  4. Marketing is one of the 3 Core Skills for Authors
    1. The other two are – Knowing What to Write, Writing Very Well
  5. The More Books you have to sell, the more effective each Dollar spent on Marketing Will Be
    1. Perhaps the best thing an author can do for marketing efficiency is to write more books
  6. Marketing to people and getting sales is TWICE as powerful if you can also capture their contact information
    1. As it allows you to market to them again, for free
  7.  Marketing is an Infinite Skill
    1. You can never learn everything there is to learn about Marketing and Sales
    2. Marketing itself is always evolving
    3. Marketing is a very critical skill. People who are good at marketing and sales always have a job
  8. The Absolute Best Product is useless without good marketing
    1. Without marketing, no one knows the product exists
    2. So the product might be the best product of all time and it would still fail without good marketing
  9. You can sacrifice on everything except Marketing
    1. Marketing generates Sales
    2. Sales keep your company/your career going
    3. You can cut on other parts of your business, yet you can never compromise on Marketing and Sales
  10. The best Marketing is subtle
    1. The corollary is that the worst marketing is usually aggressive and in your face
  11. Marketing Follows the dual principles of Pareto Principle and What Gets Measured Gets Managed
    1. Please read the post on Pareto Principle for Authors to learn more about the Pareto Principle. Basically it says that 80% of your Results will come from 20% of Your Marketing
    2. Please read the post on What Gets Measured Gets Managed for Authors to learn about WGMGM. Basically it says that we tend to optimize and manage what we measure. If you want to improve sales, measure sales. If you want to improve marketing, measures sales generated per dollar of marketing spend

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