There is No One Right Path to Success

There are many, many paths to success

You can find many guidelines and rules. You can follow those and succeed

You can also break all of them and still succeed

When reading WriteZero, it is very important that you take everything we write as Advice and Guidelines

  1. If you follow these guidelines it will increase your chances of success
  2. You can succeed even without following these guidelines
  3. You should follow WHAT WORKS FOR YOU – even if it is in direct violation of the advice and guidelines we give you

Basically, there are no absolute laws

There are Multiple Paths to Success

We focus on the 3 Core Skills for Authors

  1. Knowing What to Write
  2. Writing Very Well
  3. Marketing Very Well

Our advice is to master each of these three

However, let’s see how there are paths to success even if you master just one

  1. Knowing What to Write. If you find a really good, virgin market. Become the first author to write for it. Keep writing for it. Your writing quality and marketing quality will not matter very much. You will become a huge success purely on the basis of finding a great new market
    1. Please Note: This is the single most powerful thing. If you find The Right Market you can break all the rules you want (though you will do even better if you follow the rules)
  2. Writing Very Well. If your writing is exceptional, because of how interconnected the world now is, you might get lucky and become a success via Word of Mouth
    1. Do note that there is an element of luck involved
  3. Marketing Very Well. If you master marketing, you can take a medium sized market and a decently written book, and still make a good amount of money

As you can see, exceptional ability in any one of the 3 Core Skills is enough to find success

Once you Attain Mastery, you can Break the Rules

In the beginning, rules and guidelines help you to become a very good author, write for the right markets, and become a very good marketer

After you have attained mastery in one or more of the 3 Core Skills, you can, and should, break the rules and step outside the guidelines and see what happens

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