How much time should you spend on Author Forums and Author Groups?

This is a pretty easy question to answer

As little as possible. Just enough time to check if there is something of value added. If there is, read that. If not, don’t read anything

Author related Sites you should spend minimal time on

  1. Any Author Forum or Group that is about chit chat
  2. Any Author Blog or Site that focuses on blaming external things for ‘life of authors being tough’
  3. Any Author related website that is focused on making money from authors without providing an adequate level of value in return
  4. Any Author Group or Site where you find that most of the time you find nothing of value. If 4 days out of 5 there is nothing of value to be found, then avoid that site
  5. Any Author Blog that promises fast and easy shortcuts

Author related Sites you should spend time on

  1. If you have a Mastermind Group of like minded authors, and all of you are focused on Succeeding
  2. If you have a Group of Authors that are good friends
  3. If there is an author blog that is consistently high value add. Examples are J A Konrath’s blog and Russell Blake’s blog
  4. If there are good blogs about the Publishing Business
  5. If there is (we don’t know of any) a good website about News relevant to Publishers and Authors

You will notice the trend here

Spend time where you can Learn From Experts in any Publishing related Field, Industry Experts, and Successful Authors who are not selling you stuff

Wherever people are actually adding value, it is very easy to tell. You get valuable insights that reflect in your work improving. You start getting more sales. You get better insight into how to become a better author. You should definitely spend more time on such sites

Most public groups and forums devolve into pandering to the Lowest Common Denominator. Actually successful authors get shouted out. Things that actually work get shouted down

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