Facebook Ads for Authors – What makes them a good advertising choice for authors

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the largest social network. Facebook has advertising you can purchase. Those ads which you can purchase on Facebook, to show to Facebook using people, are ‘Facebook Ads’

Basically, you can show ads to all the Facebook users when they come to check what style eggs everyone had for breakfast, what new photos everyone is taking to gather Likes, etc

As Facebook gathers a lot of data about its users, and as there are Facebook ‘Like’ buttons all over the Internet, which Facebook uses to gather even more data about its users, it allows you to micro target Facebook users

You can narrow down to the exact set of people who are likely to be interested in your books

What are Facebook Ads for Authors?

If you’re an author, you just set up Facebook Ads that target ‘readers’. Those are Facebook Ads for Authors

You can choose from an incredible amount of criteria, including location, interests, and readers that are similar to readers you have on your email list (hopefully, you already have an email list for readers)

What makes Facebook Ads a good advertising choice for authors

Well, all the things that make Facebook terrible for privacy, make it great for Authors who want to advertise

While Facebook users might not like that they are constantly tracked as they travel all over the Internet, and that their data is gathered, and profiles are made showing what user is interested in what things

For Authors (or anyone else advertising things), it’s very convenient as you can target EXACTLY the set of people you want to advertise to

Imagine if there was a drone following every person in real life. If it could tell you what they bought and what mall they went to, and what physical stores they bought from, and what items they bought

Facebook is like that, for the Internet

Facebook Ads let you find the people who are interested in books, who buy books, who share book quotes, etc. and advertise specifically to them

What makes Facebook bad for privacy and for users, makes it great for Authors who want to advertise to Facebook users

While on the user side people generally don’t realize there is a virtual internet drone following and tracking every single thing they do

On the Advertiser side, it’s rather crazy how convenient it is

Let’s go back to the real world example

If there was a tracking drone monitoring every single person in the world

And if this drone network allowed you to

  1. Identify those people who go into bookstores and buy books
  2. Identify those people who read on their tablets
  3. Identify those people who bought ereaders
  4. Identify those people who talk about loving books
  5. Identify those people who read books by authors similar to you
  7. It let you advertise JUST TO THOSE PEOPLE

Then that drone network would be a super powerful advertising engine

That is what Facebook is, albeit for online behavior

Important Note on Bidding Systems and, in particular, Facebook Advertising

A fool and his money are soon parted

Bidding Systems are built with that principle in mind

  1. There will always be some ‘fool’ who will be buying ads at prices so high, that no profit is ever possible
  2. You want to make sure you are not ‘that guy’
  3. You also want to make sure you are never competing with that guy

Bidding Systems should be ignored completely. Instead focus on

  1. What number of clicks to your book page you are getting for every $10 spent
  2. How many sales you are getting for every $10 spent
  3. Whether you are making back more than $10 or not. Ideally a good figure like $20 to $40 for every $10 spent

Once you hit a good level, such as $20 to $40 made for every $10 spent, slowly scale up while keeping that level of return on investment ($20 to $40 in earnings for every $10 spent on advertising)

Risks of Facebook Ads for Authors

There are a few risks

  1. The bidding system will eat you alive if you don’t understand that it is designed to eat more and more of your profit margin
  2. Facebook advertising will gradually get saturated (like Google Ads have gotten saturated) and will become ineffective
    1. So you cannot assume you can depend on Facebook Advertising for more than a few years
    2. Remember, most of the people talking about how well they did with Facebook Ads, either have 20+ books and make a lot more per click, or are selling courses on how to make money from Facebook Ads
  3. It takes a considerable amount of time to keep advertising going and monitor results
  4. You have to learn the Facebook Ads system, and the bidding system. You also have to keep up to date as and when there are changes
  5. Facebook in the past has had lots of ‘counting errors’. There have been over 10 counting errors in the Facebook Advertising system. All of them (every single one) was in the favor of Facebook and none were in favor of advertisers. So you have to keep a constant vigil
  6. For Facebook Ads you have to compete with EVERYONE. Facebook shows a certain number of ads in people’s Facebook Feeds. So it is not just your book ad. Ads for all kinds of products are competing against your ad, and saturation will probably be reached in 2 to 5 years. At that point low cost items like books will not be able to sustain Facebook Ad costs
  7. There is an advertising arms race. As more and more authors (and other people) advertise, the ads start competing more and more to ‘stand out’ and ‘be cool’ and ‘get clicks’

Unfortunately, Facebook Ads are a good solution with the flaw that it is an everchanging auction/bidding system and you have to stay up to date

Facebook Ads might be one the best advertising options for authors right now

Despite all its flaws

Despite the danger that in 2 to 5 years Facebook Ads might get saturated, or might become ineffective

At the moment, Facebook Ads are one of the best advertising options for Authors

For a significant percentage of authors, Facebook Ads are the best advertising option

If you’re an author, it is well worth investing into a small trial of Facebook Ads. If you can make $20 to $40 for every $10 spent on Facebook Ads, then stick with Facebook Ads




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