How do Readers find Books?

If you’re an author, perhaps the 2 biggest determinants of whether or not you will succeed are

  1. Can you Find The Right Market – a market where readers are dying to read books, books which you can provide them
    1. And where there is relatively little competition
  2. Can you Reach the Readers in that Perfect Market
    1. Can you reach them easily and cheaply
    2. Can you reach them again and again, every time you have a new book

The biggest key to succeeding in 2 (Can You Reach the Readers in that Perfect Market) is figuring out

How Do Readers Find Books?

Well, there are a variety of ways in which readers find books to read

  1. Word of Mouth
    1. Via Word of Mouth in the real world
    2. Via Social Media Word of Mouth
    3. Via reviews posted by readers on blogs and websites
  2. Advertising and Marketing
    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Amazon Ads on Book Pages
    3. Ads on Blogs
    4. Book Promotion Sites
    5. Google Ads
  3. Search
    1. By searching on a search engine
    2. By searching in an ebook store
  4. Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok
  5. Book Stores
    1. At Book Stores
    2. At eBook Stores
    3. Book Stores at Airports
    4. Department Stores & Grocery Stores & Pharmacies that have Book sections
  6. Via Bloggers
  7. Via Book Promotion Sites – this is via emails, via Apps, via blogs and websites
  8. Industry and Category Specific Websites
    1. Websites and Blogs focused on your book genre or category
    2. Websites and Blogs focused on the industry you are targeting
    3. Websites and Blogs that are popular among your target readers
  9. Bestseller Lists
    1. From Bestseller Lists in Newspapers
    2. From Bestseller lists in eBook stores
  10. Deal & Coupon Websites + Shopping Websites
    1. Many Shopping websites also have a section on book deals and new releases
  11. Real World advertising
    1. Television Ads
    2. Radio Ads
    3. Newspaper Ads
    4. Physical Advertising such as Flyers and Billboards
  12. Real World
    1. TV Shows
    2. Radio Shows
    3. Newspaper and Magazine Reviews and Articles

This is a partial list. We will be updating it in the future

Why it is Very Important to Focus on Where Readers Find Books

For a few reasons

  1. There are a lot more places to find readers than is common knowledge
    1. Many of these are very easy to market at
  2. It is best to catch readers at the point where they are already looking for books, or are open to finding new books
  3. Most authors focus on half a dozen well known marketing channels, and completely ignore the other 20 to 30 places readers find and buy books
  4. Many channels that seem impossible (TV, Radio) are actually possible. The Today Show gets 80 Book Requests a day from authors hoping to get their book highlighted. That might seem a lot until you realize that between 10,000 to 20,000 new books are launched each day. Why are the other 19,920 authors not reaching out to TV Shows?
  5. Word of Mouth is actually the single biggest channel, and yet most authors ignore it
  6. Many places are relatively cheap
  7. You never know which channel works for you. Your book on knitting might sell much better when advertised on a knitting blog, than when advertised on a Non Fiction Books website

We’re giving you the Keys to the Kingdom here. If you can tap into the channels and figure out which work for you, you can massively increase your chances of succeeding as an author

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