Why are Adult Coloring Books so popular?

Adult Coloring Books are popular for a few reasons

  1. They are fun
  2. They allow you to switch off from technology and the myriad distractions technology brings with it
  3. They tap into your creative side
  4. They are very therapeutic. Some Adult Coloring Book lovers compare it to meditation
  5. They are easy to carry around
  6. They present very good bang for the buck – A typical Adult Coloring Book has between 10 to 30 pages to color in. That’s 3 to 12 hours of entertainment for $10 or so
  7. They don’t require someone else. You can do them by yourself
  8. It allows parts of your brain to switch off and relax
  9. It allows other parts of your brain (the right brain that covers art and creativity) to switch on
  10. They force you to focus on the coloring. All your distractions, tensions, worries fade away
  11. You can pick Adult Coloring Books of almost any theme or subject. As it is a huge market, there is something for almost anyone
  12. There is a constant race going on between Adult Coloring Books authors to create better and better designs and patterns and capture more of this lucrative market
  13. They are infinite. As opposed to a good book series that will end after 5 books, or a good TV show that will end after 3 seasons, Adult Coloring Books keep going on

The list goes on

Adult Coloring Books have become a phenomenon, and for good reason

Things to Think About, regarding Adult Coloring Books

  1. It is an immense market
  2. It is not only an immense market, it’s a market that is constantly looking for new adult coloring books
  3. Barrier to entry is relatively low
  4. Because barrier to entry is low, there is almost infinite competition
  5. It is difficult to brand yourself
  6. There is the opportunity to create themed Adult Coloring Books. This means that you can target one small part of the Adult Coloring Books market, and aim to do well in that
  7. Once you establish a brand (although it is difficult) it is very possible to create a steady income stream

It really is a good market to test if you’re an Author or a Publisher

Do Adult Coloring Books really have Health Benefits

Well, there are three parts to this

Firstly, you get a lot of benefits just from the fact that you are doing Adult Coloring Books instead of something like TV or Movies or Video Games

  1. Instead of your brain getting trained to be constantly distracted with movies and TV shows and advertisements, you are learning to focus
  2. You are actively doing something
  3. You are being a Creator and not a Consumer
  4. Your eyes will love you for switching off your digital screens and choosing pen and paper
  5. As opposed to bright screens which mess up your sleep time if you use them just before sleeping, adult coloring books do not harm your sleep patterns

Secondly, there is the aspect that Adult Coloring Books are similar to Meditation in that they help your brain focus and tune out all the noise

  1. Sleep is critical for us as it gives our brain a chance to switch off and process everything that happened. Dreams are basically the brain piecing things together and recuperating
  2. Meditation is similar in that it takes our brains into a state of deep relaxation and allow our brains to be healthier
  3. Adult Coloring Books, while not at the level of sleep or meditation, allow us to focus on the coloring. This gives the remaining parts of our brains a chance to be at peace and do their maintenance work

Thirdly, filling in Adult Coloring Books taps into our creative side and taps into our right brain

  1.  Most of us do not do very much creative work during our usual weekly activities. Adult Coloring Books add a much needed creative and fun side to our week
  2.  At work, most of us do Left Brain work which is logical and structured. Adult Coloring Books are a Right Brain activity and add much needed balance to our lives
  3. That exploration into our artistic side and into our right brain is a welcome change and comforting. Art feeds the soul

We don’t know of any extensive studies that have been done. All we can say is that there seem to be a lot of benefits of Adult Coloring Books, and these benefits might well extend to therapeutic benefits

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