Are Adult Coloring Books a Good Business to Get Into?

Yes, most definitely Yes

Unless you have a strong dislike for Adult Coloring Books, it is a business every author must explore with at least one or two books

Why Adult Coloring Books are a Really Good Business to Get Into (or at least Test)

  1. Infinite Market. Adult Coloring Books are the closest you will ever get to an Infinite Market
  2. Do not Require a Huge Investment. Unlike a novel which can take 2 to 5 years to research and write, an Adult Coloring Book can be made relatively quickly
  3. Lots of Niches. There are a lot of different niches in Adult Coloring Books. You can pick any area you are excited about, and it will usually be large enough (within the Adult Coloring Books market) to support a viable business/career
  4. You need 10 to 30 very high quality graphics per Adult Coloring Book. These are relatively cheap to create
  5. You can use one of the images as the Book Cover. No cost for making book covers
  6. Very Loyal Customers. If you make a high quality product, your customers will come back. Readers/People who do Adult Coloring Books, do them very regularly
  7. Possibility to create a Strong Brand. Most Adult Coloring Books authors do close to zero brand building and email gathering. You have the opportunity to create a strong brand and really stand out
  8. Self Reliance. As opposed to a novel where you need an editor, a proof reader, a cover designer, etc. in Adult Coloring Books you can get by with just one very good designer
  9. Easy to Scale. You can create 10 to 50 Adult Coloring Books of high quality in the same time that it takes to create 1 or 2 well researched novels
  10. No Huge Companies that dominate everything. You would still have to deal with the ebook stores and the book store chains (and they are a royal pain). However, there is no ‘Apple’ or ‘Microsoft’ of Adult Coloring Books which dominates everything

Adult Coloring Books are as close to an infinite market as you can get

The proliferation of technology and stress in the modern world has created an immense need for things such as Adult Coloring Books which let people destress and unplug from technology

This is a market that is not going away any time soon

Top Advice for Authors Going into Adult Coloring Books

These are some critical things to keep in mind if you do venture into Adult Coloring Books in paper format –

  1. The absolute most important thing is for the Designs to be relaxing and beautiful
  2. The designs should be challenging and at the same time easy to fill out
  3. Covers for Adult Coloring Books work best if they include one of the Designs on the Cover. Everything else does not sell as well
  4. Brand as much as possible
  5. Be Ready to launch a lot more Coloring Books if the first one takes off
  6. Make sure you sign an iron clad Non Compete with your Designer
  7. Make sure you sign some agreement with your Designer that he/she will provide additional designs for follow on books at a reasonable price. You don’t want the designer jacking up prices
  8. Have a fall back designer
  9. Make sure you own all the branding and assets. Do not work with a freelancer unless there is an iron clad agreement at the freelancing site
  10. Gather your customers’ emails and sell to them directly

These are some critical things to keep in mind if you start making Adult Coloring Books in ebook format –

  1. Most ebook format Adult Coloring Books work by having patterns that can be printed, or by having links to a website where readers can download PDFs
  2. Most companies that run ebook stores also run book stores. They will do everything they can to impede the growth of your Adult Coloring Book ebooks business, because it directly hurts their paper Adult Coloring Book sales. Be prepared and make sure you have a website from which you can sell your ebook format Adult Coloring Books directly to readers
  3. Gather your customers’ emails and sell to them directly
  4. Have paper versions of your Adult Coloring eBooks for your customers as a significant percentage of readers don’t want to print out the patterns. They want the convenience of having a paperback they can carry around with all the designs already printed in the paperback
  5. Make sure you get copyrights (file for them at the IP/Copyright Office – it’s free). Online there will be lots of people trying to steal your Designs

It’s a vast market. Best of luck!


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