Top Blogs for Authors

Here are some good blogs for Authors to check up on, presented in no particular order

Top Blogs for Authors which Update At Least Once a Week

  1. Jane Friedman Advice for Authors. Perhaps the best blog for authors
  2. The Bookseller. A Really amazing site for Authors and Publishers. It’s UK based but contains stuff also relevant to authors in other countries
  3. Blogs at The Bookseller. Blogs from different people at The Bookseller
  4. Smashwords Blog. Blog from the Digital Distributor and eBook store, Smashwords. Very good article and their founder Mark Coker really cares about Authors
  5. Just Publishing Advice. A very good blog with good advice from Derek Haines, who has over thirty years of experience in Publishing
  6. The Book Designer. Very good blog that has practical advice for authors on building better books
  7. The Independent Publishing Magazine. Lots of good articles. Also won ‘101 Best Websites for Writers’ in 2015
  8. Writer’s Digest. A good magazine for Authors & Writers
    1. They have a section on Writing Articles
    2. They also have a section on Publishing Insights & News
  9. IngramSpark Blog. A good series of articles for Authors
  10. Standout Books Blog. A surprisingly good blog with great advice for authors
  11. The Passive Voice. An interesting collection of Publishing and Self Publishing related updates
  12. Authority.Pub – a good series of articles covering various topics authors would find helpful
  13. The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn. Frequently updated Blog with good content
  14. Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris. Good articles and updates every week


Also be sure to bookmark or subscribe to our WriteZero Blogs

  1. WriteZero – How to be Successful as an Author
  2. WriteZero – News & Analysis for Publishers and Authors

Top Blogs for Authors – Additional Blogs & Blogs that update less than once a week

  1. Kobo Writing Life Blog. Decent blog from Kobo ebook store which has advice for authors and interesting articles
  2. J. A. Konrath Blog. Excellent blog that unfortunately is not updated very often. However, do go through all his earlier blog posts
  3. Lulu Blog. Articles from the self publishing company Lulu
  4. BookBaby Blog. A series of articles with advice for Authors from BookBaby, the self publishing company
  5. Marketing Consultant Kelly Schuknecht’s Marketing & Social Media Strategy Blog
  6. Self Publishing Advisor – Updates once or twice a week. Covers news and articles with advice
  7. Amy Harrop Blog with tips for content creation, publishing, and monetizing
  8. Jennifer Lancaster Blog with Marketing Tips and Advice for Authors


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