Top Websites for Authors

We’ve already covered Top Blogs for Authors in an earlier post

This post covers the Top Websites for Authors, listed in no particular order

Top Websites for Authors Part 1

  1. Writer Unboxed – excellent site about the Craft and Business of Fiction
  2. Jane Reid, Literary Agent – excellent website/blog which lets you get insights into the mind of a literary agent
  3. Seth Godin Blog and Seth Godin website – excellent blog with tips on marketing, branding, success. Well worth a read for all writers
  4. CopyBlogger – excellent website that teaches authors to create killer content
  5. NaNoWriMo – a must visit website. November is NaNoWriMo time
  6. WriteToDone – very good website for authors with lots of good articles on becoming a better writer
  7. SheWrites – A great community for authors
  8. Janice Hardy’s Fiction University – Very nice blog that will help you take your writing to the next level
  9. DIY MFA – A website that lets you do a ‘Do It Yourself’ Master of Fine Arts
  10. The Write Practice – teaches you how to be a better creative writer

Do be sure to check out our sites for authors –

  1. Review0 – A Search Engine & Decision Engine for Authors
  2. Write0 (this site) – How to Succeed site for Authors

Top Websites for Authors Part 2


  1. Writers Write – a top website for authors and writers
  2. Seventh Sanctum – Includes Idea Generators for Story concepts, Names, Organizations, Places, Technology
  3. Elizabeth Spann Craig Blog – a pretty good blog from Cozy Mystery writer Elizabeth Spann Craig
  4. Daily Writing Tips – twice a week articles with writing tips for authors
  5. Phrase Finder and – two good websites to find phrases, their meanings and origins. They include proverbs, idioms, Biblical phrases, Shakespearean phrases and more
  6. Creative Writing Prompts – has a ton of creative writing prompts
  7. Nicole Bianchi Blog with Writing and Copywriting Tips – Nicole Bianchi is an author and a professional copywriter. Her blog has lots of good advice
  8. Grammar Tips from Grammar Girl – quite a nice website
  9. Make a Living Writing – a blog with practical financial advice and help


Honorable Mentions & Websites not Updated very Much (but still good)

  1. PsychWriter – Lots of great articles about the intersection of Psychology and Writing
  2. WriteSF (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing) – An online writing guide to writing good Science Fiction novels
  3. See Jane Write – a community for women who write and blog
  4. Lauren Carter Author Blog – a nice site worth a read
  5. Positive Writer – good articles
  6. Shelly Hitz Website – focused on Christian writers


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